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I made a screenshot. In the offset 0xEFFF90 is trainer data and 0xF00000, 0xF10000, and so on are spreads from table. Red 00 are number of spread from table. When I change red 00 to 01 spread from offset 0xF10000 doesn't load and the spread from 0xF00000 is loaded instead (ofcourse I tested it after saving in a hex editor and noticed that opponent's pokeball doesn't change from masterball to ultraball).
As I stated before, the spread from 0xF10000 load only if red 00 is changed to 09. So spreads are loaded in such way:
0x00 -> offset 0xF00000
0x09 -> offset 0xF10000
0x12 -> offset 0xF20000
0x1B -> offset 0xF30000
instead of
0x00 -> offset 0xF00000
0x01 -> offset 0xF10000
0x02 -> offset 0xF20000
0x03 -> offset 0xF30000
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Most of new moves is done. Fixing timing of some animations and updating learnsets in progress.
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