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Opelucid Gym Challenge
Vs Drayden

It appears that this time I will be battling Drayden for the Legend Badge instead of Iris as I did two years ago.

“Iris has moved on to pursue larger goals,” stated Drayden. “However I shall be happy to be your opponent.”

“This gym battle will be a three on three battle,” came the usual notice by the judge. “Only the challenger may substitute Pokémon. The gym battle will be over when all of either side’s Pokémon are unable to battle.”

“My first Pokémon will be my Druddigon!” Drayden cried as his first Pokémon took the field.

“Hm, Druddigon, your standard Unova dragon-type,” I said calmly. “Pinsir, maximize!”

“An interesting choice,” Drayden commented.

“Ok, Pinsir, let’s see what that training did,” I commanded. “Use Swords Dance to power up!”

Drayden stood there with his arms folded. “Druddigon, attack with Crunch!”

Druddigon connected with a fierce attack while Pinsir was building its attack.

“Hang in there, Pinsir! Now that it’s lured in, strike back with X-Scissor!” With Druddigon so close, X-Scissor landed a blow for intense damage, having been powered by Swords Dance. Druddigon stumbled back, but when trying to regain its footing, it collapsed!

“Druddigon is no longer able to battle,” yelled the judge. “Pinsir wins!”

“Not bad at all,” Drayden said as he recalled his Pokémon. “This battle will prove to be interesting. Now for my next Pokémon. Go!”

Drayden’s second Pokémon appeared on the field. It was a Pokémon I hadn’t considered.

“Whoa, that’s a Flygon!” I yelled in astonishment, as I pulled out my Pokédex.

“Flygon, the Mystic Pokémon, and the evolved form of Vibrava. Flygon whip up sandstorms with powerful flaps of their wings. They are known as ‘The Desert Spirit’ because they hide in these sandstorms.”

“Well, I may not have prepared for a Flygon specifically, but since it is part ground-type my strategy will still work perfectly,” I commented as I raised a Poké Ball. “Pinsir, return and take rest, you did excellent out there. Ok, Mamoswine, maximize!”

My newly evolved Pokémon took the field opposite Flygon.

“An ice-type, a typical choice for this gym.” Drayden was still calm. “It has power, but can it match my Flygon’s speed? Flygon, use Earth Power!”

Drayden’s Flygon took to the air, and then dove down with blinding speed, smashing into the ground and sending waves on energy at Mamoswine.

“We can handle your speed all right,” I retorted. “Mamoswine, use Icy Wind!”

A blast of ice fired at Flygon as it tried to take to the air again. “Now, finish it with Icicle Spear!”

“Whatever move you choose, it fills me with the heat of battle!” Drayden yelled. “Flygon, dodge that attack!”

Flygon tried to obey Drayden’s command, but the ice that was forming on Flygon’s wings was slowing it down. The spears of ice that Mamoswine launched all hit the bull’s eye, and Flygon fell to the ground.

“Flygon is unable to battle,” came the judge’s call. “Mamoswine wins!”

“Great job, Mamoswine!” I recalled it to its Poké Ball. “This is going too well. I’m pretty confident we’re going to win!”

“Well done, Flygon,” Drayden’s Pokémon disappeared from the field. “My blood burns with even more fire at this age! I’ve still got some fight in me! Go, Haxorus!”

“So it’s your strongest Pokémon’s turn,” I smiled as I took out a Great Ball. “Now it’s my partner’s turn as well. Grimer, maximize!”

“Hm, that is not something I would have expected, but let’s see what this battle brings!” Drayden seemed to be getting more into the battle now. “Haxorus, use Dragon Dance!”

“Powering up your attack and speed, huh?” I knew I couldn’t waste any time. “Grimer, you know what to do. Use Ice Punch!”

This time it was the opposite of the battle with Pinsir and Druddigon. While Haxorus powered up, Grimer connected with an Ice Punch. It was super-effective!

“I see,” Drayden observed, “Your Grimer knows Ice Punch. Spectacular! Haxorus, Dragon Dance again, and dodge those attacks as you move!”

“We don’t care how fast you move!” I spoke with confidence. “Grimer, after it!”

Grimer’s fluid body was able to keep up with the fast moving dragon Pokémon! It connected with another Ice Punch! Haxorus was beginning to weaken!

“Allow us to show you the dangers of getting that close to your opponent!” Now it was Drayden’s turn to sound confident. “Haxorus, use Assurance!”

“Grimer, dodge it!” But it was no use; Grimer had left itself open from the last Ice Punch and was knocked back from a double Dragon Dance powered up attack. Grimer slammed against the opposite wall, and when it globbed down to the ground, it was still standing strong!

“My Grimer has great defenses!” I said that arrogantly, but underneath even I was surprised on how well Grimer took that attack. “Looks like your Haxorus is pretty worn out though, so Grimer, let’s finish this with one last Ice Punch!”

“Haxorus, intercept it with Dragon Tail!” The two Pokémon launched at each other from opposite end of the field, their respective power building, until they collided in the center! The energy crackled, and then exploded! When the dust cleared, Grimer was standing, but as for Haxorus…

“Haxorus is unable to continue the battle!” The judge raised his arm in my direction. “All of the gym leader’s Pokémon are unable to battle. Grimer wins the round and Steve is the winner of the gym match!”

“Gri-Gri-Griiiimer!” My Pokémon cried in excitement as it bobbed up and down.

“Great job, Grimer!” I congratulated my Pokémon. “You really showed off all our hard training over the last year. I’m proud of you!” (A side note here is that Grimer was awarded its 50th level as a result of this battle!)

Drayden was helping Haxorus up, and Grimer and I walked over to them.

“Wonderful!” Drayden exclaimed. “I’m grateful we had this chance to battle. It reminded me that Pokémon battles are about working with others to meet our challenges together. Please accept this Legend Badge!”

And so, badge number seven from my second run through Unova! Only one more to go!

NATIONAL (LIVING) Pokédex Completion:
Seen: 578
Obtained: 574

(Current migration: Gen 3 --> Gen 4)

Kalos Pokédex: Seen 456 Obtained 456
Hoenn Pokédex: Seen 211 Obtained 211
Hoenn Ruby Medals: 97
Pokédex Go: Seen 101 Obtained: 101
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