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Originally Posted by slawter666 View Post
Now this has probably posted before but I couldn't find it and it seems like a fun feature: Riding pokémon like in the upcoming games.

I'm not too well versed with programming but my idea is as follows:

My idea would be to have a bit for each pokémon that determines whether it is "ridable" or not. On the menu where you can view the pokémon's stats, held item etc there would be a check for this bit and if it is the value that means its ridable a ride option would appear, if not it wouldn't. Once selected the appropriate overworld would be loaded determined by something unique to each pokemon (id number?) and all would be great. Obviously going through this step everytime you want to ride a pokémon would be tedious so this feature could replace the bike. The last pokemon you rode could be stored somehow so when you press select the game would look to see if that pokémon was in your party and if not it would just load the regular bike sprite.

There would need to be a lot of custom overworlds made but the HGSS pokemon overworlds could be used for now.

As I said previously I'm not familiar with coding so various details could be wrong/far more complicated than I made out.

Something similar could be done with surf I guess.

Has anyone considered/attempted this before? I do think it would make a very interesting feature.
This would be interesting. I'm imagining more of a hack of the surf routine for this.... Just run that whole routine the same, but make the image change.

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