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It says that in Hoenn they don't get no physical water moves right. Check.
It says that in Hoenn Sceptile can pwn Wallace and Juan. Check.
It says that in Hoenn Blaziken is just too powerful. Check.
It says that in Hoenn Swampert is not at all looking cool, unlike Blaziken and Sceptile. Check.

Who cares?
Swampert has been my fave since the day I've taken Mudkip. Even by considering that its attack goes higher than Special Attack, it can still hold ground with the Special Moves and give you an intake of true Earthquake horror. Savvy?

Besides, Swampert has actually a great defense, and in Hoenn, Grass types are a rarity. Pwned Sydney with Brick Break, Pwned Phoebe with Earthquake, Pwned Glacia again with Brick Break, Pwned Drake with Ice Beam, and then Steven with a combination of them.
Wallace of course, with Brick Break.
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