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Quote originally posted by Flamebot:
I am INVINCIBLE. I have the greatest party ever jkjk
Yeah, I know what you mean, lol. I had to make a second release of checkpoint 2. As of checkpoint 2.1, the level curve have been adjusted. I realized that the early game level curve was a bit too easy. Gym Leader Lola was wayyyyyy too easy! Try to beat her now! Poor Eevee won't stand a chance! Hehehe.
Quote originally posted by classiccartoonsftw:
Since you gave the Poison type a little boost, I'd like to suggest a little boost for the Ice type. You should make it resist Fairy, Bug, and maybe Water.
This is an awesome idea. I'll add this immediately!
Quote originally posted by Flamebot:
May I please have Checkpoint 2.0?
Checkpoint 2 remains unreleased due to me having to update the level curve. I am uploading checkpoint 2.1 in a bit.
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