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Originally Posted by ErikaInRainbowCity View Post
This is pretty **** screwed up, I'm fairly certain this isn't a mother because of the style in which the letter was written and how juvenile it is, but if it is a mother then she must not be very educated obviously
You'd be suprised at the amount of hateful middle aged people out there like this who can barely write and have the most bigoted opinions I've ever seen, both men and women, look at controversial posts on Facebook about Obama, Gay Marriage, Religion, Race etc. Most posts are fabricated lies but they bring out the worst in what are supposedly mature adults with families,I wouldn't be suprised at all if this was written by a mother, some people just like to hate, I remember a suicide case where a 40 something year old woman pretended to be a teenage boy and chatted up a friend of her daughters who she didn't like because they weren't friends anymore. After she gained this girls trust she used it to spread horrible rumours and encouraged the girl to kill herself, which she did.

Moral of the story is don't assume grown ups are grown up, a conservative, discriminatory mother who didn't like disabled people could have easily written this.

Or it could be a young troll looking for a reaction, it seems most of the young internet people don't say hateful things because they really believe them, but to inflame fools.
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