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you rang? :D

Meganium's been my favorite grass-type starter since I started playing Silver when I was a young girl! I've used Chikorita as a starter for the first time, and well, it got stuck as a favorite ever since! I gotta have a Meganium on my team no matter what. And since I got into battling and Meganium is NU, I gotta have it on my NU team no matter the circumstance.

I guess the above kinda explains the fact that yes I am a fan of Meganium and my name clearly explains it. lmao

I don't see myself replacing Meganium as a favorite starter. It will always be my favorite no matter what.

oh and btw, I also refer to it as a "she" as well because the Pokemon is a flower probably. xD Even though Meganium has a larger male ratio/smaller female ratio, I still refer to it as "she" (i'm also grateful that I have a female on my Soulsilver xD)
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