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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
We totally need special seasonal/yearly events akin to the Smogon Premier League, PO's Pokemon Champions League, etc. You know, something official that people can work toward when it comes around as a break from all the miniature, member-hosted tournaments. I feel like a big, official event would be really fun, especially since those tend to draw more people (typically the majority of the competitive memberbase, since there's PRIZES, and FAME, and GLORY waiting at the end of the dark tunnel)!

Definitely going to support this and wouldn't mind helping organize this. I feel that the traditional tourneys do get stale after so long and an event of this magnitude would be more meaningful and I feel a lot more people would be out to participate. Great Idea~!

Also, I would like to see the BC DCC make a return. I know that people were reluctant about it, but now with a new generation approaching with many changes to the competitive scene about to take place, I feel that this could be something that would work nicely.
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