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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Are you surprised that our foreign policy in the '80s involves being very friendly with our enemies in the 2000's?
Same thing happened for the Taliban too, right? I think Saddam actually used the Cold War animosity as much as he could back in the day, courting both the American and Soviets. A legacy of that as well is the American friendship with Pakistan, just because India was more Soviet-oriented. If they were anti-communist, they were allies.

Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Should there be any kind of repercussions for the people involved in the Reagan-Bush Sr. Administration?
Should there be? Maybe by divine intervention or karma. But in the machine of policy-making, no one person is responsible. And it's really hard to determine who could be. It's not one solid mass, but a web of responsibility and authority that results in the decisions being made. It's a part of bureaucracy that the people involved become faceless.
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