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Quote originally posted by Livewire:
Are you surprised that our foreign policy in the '80s involves being very friendly with our enemies in the 2000's?
Same thing happened for the Taliban too, right? I think Saddam actually used the Cold War animosity as much as he could back in the day, courting both the American and Soviets. A legacy of that as well is the American friendship with Pakistan, just because India was more Soviet-oriented. If they were anti-communist, they were allies.

Quote originally posted by Livewire:
Should there be any kind of repercussions for the people involved in the Reagan-Bush Sr. Administration?
Should there be? Maybe by divine intervention or karma. But in the machine of policy-making, no one person is responsible. And it's really hard to determine who could be. It's not one solid mass, but a web of responsibility and authority that results in the decisions being made. It's a part of bureaucracy that the people involved become faceless.
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