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Here are the bioweapons I'm gonna use to clear the Black Tower:

Yamatano the Hydreigon L72
Wildfire the Chandelure L70
Diggory the Excadrill L70
Nikola the Eelektross L70
Tempest the Braviary L70
Blackthorn the Scolipede L70

Even with an AR, building a team takes some time. These guys took about an hour or two. For all intents and purposes, the old team is retired and will be used as breeding fodder.

I've caught all legendaries except for the musketeers and lake trio. I decided to kill the musketeers and revive them by beating the E4, so that they come at a higher level. The captures went smooth, but I was disappointed with the N battle. All he has is Zekrom. It was almost too easy.

I also beat Cynthia. Garchomp was a pain in the ass, but Sasaki's Ice Beam killed it in a single shot so all is good. Cynthia is a *****, though, because she loves Pokémon with no weaknesses, and teaches them Double Team to add insult to injury. If Faraday couldn't kill Spiritomb in two hits, I'd be screwed.

There's still some stuff left to do in the main game. I wanted to cheat later but I was bored of my old guys and their EVs, IVs, etc. were less than ideal. Once XY come out, I hope Datel get their act together and release an AR for the 3DS, or maybe the guys at ProjectPokémon come up with something cool. Because playing Pokémon without hacking capabilities, as I explained in another thread, isn't very fun. You get a Pokémon with **** IVs like the Jellicent I had in an old playthrough, or my glorious Eelektross with 0 Speed IVs and a Speed hindering Nature, and things become ugly.

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