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Originally Posted by Firecircuit View Post
Bootleggers could fake a box and etcetera too and sell it as "new".

I wish the U.S. had some sort of reputable gaming site that only sells legit copies, as I've really been meaning to buy Emerald (I had a bootleg), and FireRed/LeafGreen (I lost my copy of LeafGreen way back) as soon as I got some money saved for it.
I'm a victim for "packaging the whole thing as new genuine",
The moment I took out the Sapphire and Ruby game paks from their boxes,
I knew that something was wrong.
The color of the game paks were red for Ruby and blue for Sapphire,
but was in wrong hue, I know the difference because my classmates had real and legit ones back in the day and my brother's owns a real Japanese Sapphire.

I thought that I might be thinking too much,
so I tested the game myself and then the save file got deleted.
I tried playing up to Slateport, because a patch of water tile near the pier in Slateport will appear glitch-y if the games are fake, from what I know that has something to do with memories.
Finally any Gen IV games will not detect the Pal Park system if the games are fake, and will also delete the save data of the fake games. From these check ups I decided that this is 100% counterfeit.
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