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Hanso SharpEye
Cape City


His attention was on getting out of the hole first. It wasn't until he stood up a few feet from it that Hanso had a good look at Vera. The Gallade took a surprised step back, eyes taking in the new details. It was Vera, but she looked like no Blaziken he'd seen before. Up and moving, so she's fi--

Hanso froze until Vera let him go then stepped back himself. What did she mean? His eyes were their usual, heterochromic selves. Shaking his head slightly, he looked at the rock Vera held before looking up. Now that he knew Vera was out of the Affiliates' hands and Scar was still alive, if that had been his mental signature he'd found, Hanso didn't have anything to say.

He began to turn away, then faced her and asked, "Do you still need medical attention or food or...something?" During the shift of Hanso's head, his red eye gleamed a bit brighter, as if to taunt Vera. "There's a medical bunker close to Stoneguard. ...See ya." Hanso turned away again, placing a mental tracker on the Blaziken before leaving.


Hanso had made sure his sack and personal belongings, including his bracer and golden armlet, were stashed in a safe place before heading to the ceremony. Near the back of the crowd, away from anyone he would recognize, Hanso could have passed for any other Pokemon if it wasn't for his gray eye. He needed time to think.

As the cannons sounded, Hanso's stomach growled. Need to eat, too. As the crowd began to disperse and celebrate, Hanso made a beeline for the nearest booth he spotted.