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the hoppip scale makes no sense is2g. or maybe i just don't understand wind. but like what if the hoppip are on the edge of a much larger breeze but only one gets picked up because the force where they are is weak. or they're slightly sheltered by a fence/rock/house. or some get stuck so the results are skewed. this system is not accurate in the slightest oh my god this woman has no idea what she is doing

& meowth being so calm about announcing a tornado & ridiculously peppy BGM during the hoppip rescue ahaha

but yeah hoppip are super cute

Sammyskitty: but what about when the hoppip evolve
Sammyskitty: oddish will be left out :(
eternallyanna: maybe they wont
eternallyanna: or oddish will just evolve too
OzzyCake: then they should be put down
eternallyanna: OH MY GOD OZZY
OzzyCake: I would just grind up an Everstone into their food
OzzyCake: Hoppip is too cute to waste
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