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It took me a while of watching "Unfair Weather Friends" to realize I was watching the wrong episode...

I liked the episode. Considering that Wobbuffet wasn't owned by Team Rocket yet, I was ok with the episode not having enough Wobbuffet. LOL at Oddish when it was painted pink, I can't believe the gang didn't recognize it. Also, how did Mariah know that those Hoppip were hers? For all we know, they could've been snagging other peoples' Hoppip after the tornado...

Quote originally posted by EternallyAnna:
& meowth being so calm about announcing a tornado & ridiculously peppy BGM during the hoppip rescue ahaha

Haha, I found the BGM to be ridiculously random. Meowth was cracking me up this episode, probably to make up for the lack of Wobbuffet

Quote originally posted by Sammyskitty:
I also really didn't see the point of TR's plan this ep. It obviously wasn't one of their best schemes.

Hm, I found Meowth's plan to be quite clever.

Quote originally posted by Meowth:
If we keep them Hoppip overhead, we won't have any overhead!


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