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It's audiogamer22.
Wow, this update is awesome!

I understand that you won't be working on the over world just yet, but I really hope you do because I really can't wait to play this as a full game

Now for a couple things I've found.
1. The Pokemon, especially the Blind duck Pokemon, seems way to powerful.
The hit attack or bash attack, (I can't remember what it's called,) takes off 100 sometimes 120 points, this isn't good because In the sighted games, I'm sure there's not an attack that can take off that much, although I've not really played the sighted games that much so don't know much about that.
2. When battling a trainer, which is awesome by the way, I used a full health potion on my Bolbasaw and the game just sat there. It heeled the pore Pokemon but then just sat there.

I can't wait to play a route, it will be awesome.

Please keep this up I really don't want to see this stopping since it's an amazing game!

Would it be possible to get the hmm, I don't know what it's called, but it's a slidy sound when you win battles and you're Pokemon are getting xp.
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