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Originally Posted by Totodile42 View Post
It's pretty much a 3DS made for children; no 3D images, no hinges to snap, and a big bulky design.
It's releasing on Pokemon X & Y's release date too... which is also proof of Nintendo's plan. Releasing a very kid-friendly gaming console, with kid-friendly games, at adult-affordable prices in time for the holiday season of 2013 is definitely an ingenious idea.
This. It's not marketed towards anyone in this forum -- it's meant to be a sturdy, cheaper alternative to the 3DS for young children. That's why the design is clunky -- so a 5 or 6 year old can drop it without any issues. I think it's a great idea on Nintendo's part. If I had a young kid, I definitely wouldn't be giving them anything worth nearly $200 to play with, when it's so easily broken.

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