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Looks like an interesting RP, and that inclusion from ETOP :D I'll join in, though I can't really complete my SU right now. I'll definitely try doing it all by tomorrow night however!

Keyword: KIND
Name: Oscar Tipo
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Body: Oscar is bald. His head has always been the shiny, smooth surface since as far back as he can remember. Though not big on hair on top, Oscar does have a mustache building right above his lips, and he wishes to have a small beard too.

Standing on 5’7”, Oscar is smaller than average for his age, though is muscular especially on his legs because of his active lifestyle. His eyes are of crystal blue, and his lips pout slightly. His skin is very tanned, and has definitely got a brown tone to it, though Oscar was and is originally pale. Not any of his other body parts really stand out, and his feet are normal size for his height.

Clothing: Oscar isn’t big on fashion at all, and most of his clothes are more so inspired by whatever his dad wears. His general outfit would be a red plaid lumberjack shirt which has been rolled up to his elbows, navy denim jeans and tough, brown boots which cover up to half of his shins. If not wearing his usual outfit Oscar just wears whatever is comfortable, though he is always wearing something on top as he feels vulnerable topless, even though his body looks and is tough.

Personality: Oscar is humble, energetic and cheerful, all fruit of his modest up-bringing. You can never catch him in a bad mood; in fact it's almost impossible. Oscar has always got a small grin at the very least on his face, and respects people older than him. He has the ability to cheer just about anyone up if they are in a foul mood, and his lighthearted personality is one of his best perks. Oscar is also generally a trustworthy guy, and always looks out for his friends and anyone close to him.

However, if you somehow manage to anger Oscar in any way... he can switch very quickly, so quick it's quite scary. But less said about that the better.

Anyway, back to Oscar and his real personality. One of Oscar's main weaknesses is beautiful girls - or at least, girls that he likes/fancies. Whenever he comes across or is near a lady that he has some kind of interest in, his initial reaction is to somehow try and escape that situation, whatever the cost. If he finds himself in conversation with them, he can suddenly turn very awkward, spitting answers quickly and turn his face away from them to avoid eye contact and hide his blushes. However, he can identify emotions well, and if he sees someone in distress, even with his awkwardness he tries to push that aside to try and help that particular person, no matter who he or she is.

Interests: Martial arts of all kinds, fighting-type Pokemon and dumplings.

History: Oscar's grandfather Valen Tipo had a rather strange family - him and Valerie Tipo had two kids, both boys. Oscar's father Perditus Tipo is the younger of the two, and between him and his older brother Hugo there is a twenty year difference. Unfortunately for Perditus, his mother died when she gave birth to her second child, and Valen later on died because of an unknown internal decease when Perditus was ten. Ever since his father died, Perditus has lived with his older brother Hugo and his wife until he moved out when he turned 16 and had decided to take his childhood love Estella with him, meaning he dropped off education as soon as he could. Hugo, who at the time was starting to see huge profits in a successful business, tried to convince his youngest brother to do otherwise, but Perditus' mind was already set. The couple decided to move into Pewter City as Perditus had acquired a job as a miner there, and properties were cheapest than anywhere they could find.

Life was hard for Perditus at start. Firstly, he was illiterate, which didn't help his case at all whenever it came to reading reports or letters from the company he was working in. Most of the time Estella had to help him with that side of things, and Perditus found that embarrassing more than anything. The couple was also very poor at time. Perditus hadn't left his brother's place with bags of money, and he found himself constantly contacting him to help him financially. Though Hugo always reassured Perditus that he could come to him whenever he needed anything, Perditus never liked asking for money; his pride was at an all-time low, and there was nothing he could do about it. Until one day, he decided to make a change. He had enough of endless rock bashing and decided to make a drastic career change.

You see, the Tipo family is famous (or at least known) for one thing - every member learns some kind of martial art, and is black belt before their 16th birthday. Valen Tipo was an expert in taewkondo and hosted a local school in his home town. Perditus had the same idea.

Obviously at the beginning things didn't quite work out as Perditus wanted. He was really short in money, and there weren't many jobs that he could choose because of his failed academics and illiterateness, so Perditus toughed it out and continued mining, and as support Estella took a job as the receptionist in the local PokeMart. After months of endless slaving saving and taking a small loan from his brother, Perditus managed to realize his plans and rented a small hall, where he and Estella alone cleaned up and made the inside suitable for learning taekwondo. After another month, the hall was finally open as a mini-dojo, and the place became an instant success. Students ranging from children to young adults came in to be taught by 18 year old Perditus, who through his struggle in the beginning of his life in Pewter City had made him mature beyond his years, but he was humble about it. He managed to pay back his brother and for the first time ever Perditus and Estella Tipo finally could settle down happily in their home. They eventually got married when both turned twenty and were safe financially.

After seven years, Estella gave birth to the couple's first child. Perditus was teaching a class just before then, but after hearing the news through a fast train of gossip he just managed to get to the hospital to see his newborn baby. When Estella asked Perditus what he wanted to call the baby, he replied with one word.


Pokémon license? No.

Pokémon species: Treecko; Male, and a gift from Professor Oak.
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