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Allora vs. Chaos
Round 4

Instantly, darkness enveloped grinning Chaos, cocooning it in shadow. Allora watched suspiciously as the cocoon began to bulge. It was transforming again. And frankly, she did not want to see what was worse than what he'd already presented her.

Enough, she decided, I need to get out of here and get help from the other psychics!

"You really thought I'd let you leave?" Came a warped, distorted voice.

She did her best to focus on breaking the psychic link between their minds, therefore waking them both up. However, in that instant, she realized something. Paladin was now dead... which meant that if his body woke up, it would be fully controlled by the only other presence within it: Chaos.

She couldn't let that happen. By the time she would have gotten the other psychics, Chaos might have escaped. And the only thing worse than losing her friend was allowing this monster to control his body and wreak havoc.

Allora restored the connection, and glanced at the cocoon. It had grown exponentially. She didn't think she could destroy whatever was in there, but maybe she could hinder it long enough so that Paladin's body would stay unconscious, and she could get the other psychics to finish the job.

What emerged from that cocoon would be an image that would haunt her for the rest of her life. From that cocoon emerged a pitch black, red-eyed Ninetales with her own blue Warrior Fangs underneath its eyes. She was looking at a shadow version of herself.

"In the end, I am always this. A dark side. Everyone has one, even you." To her horror, Allora found that Chaos was using her own voice. "You think that you're completely good, don't you? That you kill in the name of honor and justice. But, in the end, what gives you the right to decide whether others should live or die? Of course, I shouldn't be one to talk. In case you haven't noticed, I'm evil." It laughed a deep, distorted laugh that sounded like a mix of her own voice and Paladin's.

Then, the dark Allora began to grow, from its back emerged a bulb that looked like the head of a Golurk. Its front legs grew slim and tentacle-like, while its back legs grew long and wide, to create Golurk-like legs. It stood up on its hind legs, and its Ninetales head grew larger and had bigger teeth.

From its back, the head seemed to grow out of its back, followed by a torso and a pair of arms identical to those of a Golurk. The torso grew long, and extended over the rest of the creature's form until it loomed over, like some sort of parasite. Meanwhile, more tentacles emerged from the Ninetales part of the body until there were so many Allora couldn't count them anymore; dozens riddled its torso.

Allora had to keep reminding herself that this thing wasn't real. It was a mental apparition. Chaos had taken this form to scare her or intimidate her. And it was working.

She was no longer as confident as before. This hybrid Chaos looked like the toughest thing she'd ever faced, but by Arceus, she was going to face it.

"Let's end this!" She shouted, and with that, she was off.

Chaos had become massive, about as tall as a five-story building. From its Golurk body, it began punching at the ground furiously with massive fists, shattering any shards of information it came across. Then, with its Ninetales body, it lashed out with tentacles. Allora skillfully avoided the punches, but ended up getting whipped multiple times by the tentacles. She found that, despite her best efforts at concentration, she could not heal the wounds inflicted. She could feel them... draining her. Her life slipped away the longer the wounds stayed, but she persisted. She jumped onto a nearby shard and, using her psychic energy, guided the platform up to the monster's head. She launched a Heat Wave at it, which did no apparent damage. The monster didn't even seem to notice it. It returned a Dark Wave, five times as powerful and large, which knocked Allora right off the platform, and obliterated any nearby shards. She landed on the ground hard, and forced herself to stand up. Her wounds drained her, and she knew she wouldn't be able to go on for long.

"End this? Hah! You sure talk big for someone so tiny." Chaos laughed, and lifted one of its legs to crush Allora. Not knowing what else to do, she summoned the last of her force to run. She tried her best to outrun the giant, but it was much faster and caught up to her in mere seconds. It lifted its foot once more, to deliver the killing blow...

"Hah! Aahahahaha!" Chaos began laughing insanely, and Allora simply watched as it stood frozen in place, the only thing that moved was its Golurk head, which laughed endlessely.

"You actually thought I was going to kill you? No! I could've done that long ago if I'd wanted to. After all, it is my mind." Chaos said. Allora dropped to the ground, unable to keep her footing from the draining effects of her wounds. The monster stopped laughing and stared at the defeated Ninetales. "No, I simply needed you. Look around you," Chaos ordered. Allora did so wearily. All she saw was blackness.

"EXACTLY! Chaos shouted unnecessarily loudly. "Blackness! This is why I needed you, Allora. I brought you into Paladin's mind so that I could fight you, and finally destroy all of this useless information! Don't you see?" Then, Allora understood. "Yes! Our fight has destroyed every last bit of information left floating around in here. And Paladin himself too! Without your life force, I never could've gotten enough power to do it, or to transform into this incredible being!" It laughed for a moment, then continued. "With it all gone, this place is an empty, meaningless void waiting to be filled with glorious, oh glorious DARKNESS!"

Allora had to get out of here. She had to break the link before Chaos could absorb any more of her life force, but... she was too weak. "Oh, don't worry about that, dear. I'll break the link myself in due time. After all, I don't need you anymore. However, I need to make you weak enough to ensure you won't interfere with the final phase of my plan."

"What... plan?" Allora said weakly. "Why not just kill me?

"What?! Kill you?! Chaos said, as if offended. "Arceus, no! What fun would that be?!"

Then, it laughed that horrible laugh again. Allora could feel her consciousness slipping away. She had to... stop... him...


"Oh man..." Chaos grumbled, as it struggled to find its place in this empty mind. "I can't steer this thing by myself. Where is that triggerman that the big lug in Silver City promised me?

"Oh wait..." Chaos steered Paladin's lumbering form in the direction of a familiar figure in the distance. He was accompanied by two other, smaller figures. "There he is.

In the back of Paladin's destroyed mind, one thing remained. One thing which would eternally remain in this hollowed-out, dark brain. The drumming. The never-ending four beats, repeating themselves over and over.

Dum, dum, dum, dum...


Allora awoke in a daze. Slowly, she felt life return to her, but her mind was still numb. She struggled to stand up on her wobbly legs, falling over a few times, but eventually managing to get up. Scanning her surroundings quickly, she found that she was still in the exact same place she had left her physical self, but Paladin - or at least, his body - was nowhere to be seen. How long had she been out? Chaos must've already escaped with Paladin's body. But then, she heard a faint stomp from not so far away. That sounded like Paladin's footstep. Although her first thought was to get the other psychics, she realized that by the time she had done so, he'd have gotten away. So, wearily, she began following him, her mind still slightly dazed.

While walking, she began wondering exactly what could've happened to her own mind during the fight. Paladin's mind had been completely obliterated, and since they were connected by a psychic link at the time, that could've also had some effect on her own mind. She wondered what Veletra would've said about this. But then, she realized something. She had no idea who this 'Veletra' was. How had this name suddenly popped into her head? She knew nobody of that name.

Finally, she found Paladin's body. It walked robotically forward. Approaching it, she decided to try saying something.

"Chaos?" She asked. No response.

Walking ahead of the giant, she found that his eyes were... lifeless. As if all color had been drained from him. It also seemed as if the darkness had not overtaken his body, as half of it was still normal. Was it possible that Chaos had not taken full control yet? The fact that the body walked aound aimlessly like a zombie further supported the theory. But how could she stop it? Was there still a chance that she could kill him?

But... she couldn't. Not only was she far too weak to even attack, but she couldn't kill her friend. Even if it wasn't really him, his body was the same and she couldn't bring herself to do that. She desperately wanted to contact the other psychics, but her mind was too weak as well. Her psychic powers were totally drained.

In the end, the only thing she could do was follow him to see if he was going anywhere in particular. He did nothing to stop her. This went on for a few minutes until the two came upon a clearing, where all houses in the area had apparently been destroyed. Glancing ahead, she saw three figures, two of them were smaller, one taller than his associates. At first, she assumed that they were Affiliates, but when she got a closer look at the Jolteon, the Sableye, and more importantly, the Scizor in the distance, she couldn't help but feel uneasy.