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Cape City

The Sentinel Sentry examined the poison afflictions that were placed upon Levina, their newest Sentinel. It was just as Snype had said, she was hit pretty hard, and they wouldn't be able to cure her until they would reach Silver City. Fortunately, Sentry was a known speed demon, perhaps the uncontested fastest Pokemon in Valkaria, and he would likely be able to carry her quick enough for help. Although truthfully, he would rather have left her behind and not slow them down. The problem he foresaw was that Snype had grown attached to this Sentinel during their time together, from what he could gather, and disposing of her in this way wouldn't sit well with him.

"You'll have to pull through until Silver City," Sentry commented towards Levina after examining her injuries. "If we move now, we'll make it before sundown. The rest of the armies are already on the move." Sentry was preparing to leave, when Snype asked about the status of the other Sentinels. Being the scout of the Silver Tribe, he had already gathered enough information about their statuses and whereabouts to the best of his abilities. He would have much rather just moved on instead of having to explain the information, but he figured as fellow Sentinels, he would give them the full story, or at least as much as they ought to know.

"Deluge and the Inferno are confirmed dead. Scar and Genevieve, as far as you are concerned, shared the same fate." He looked around at the destruction that had built up in Cape City. "In other words, most of the Sentinels are dead." As he said this, his eyes caught site of something in the distance. A figure, large and on approach, apparently to their direction. It took a moment for Sentry to discern who, or rather what it was. But when he figured it out, a small smirk crept onto his face for a brief second.

"...but not all of them," He said, turning to Snype and Levina. "You two move on ahead. I have to...wake up one of our own." He turned and dashed in the direction of the behemoth in a blinding speed, stopping a few meters away from it. He noticed a Ninetales close by the giant Pokemon, but payed her little mind.

"You've been dreaming for so long," Sentry shouted above to the lifeless Pokemon approaching him. He stuck out his arms, his claws at opposite sides of his body, as if he was preparing to fire an attack upon the giant. "I think it's time you wake up."

In a swift motion, the Scizor brought his claws together, but instead of producing any attack, a simple noise was made. The claws were brought back to opposite sides of his body, and the act was repeated. Four times, the act was repeated.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap...

Plains of Valkaria- Ceremony

After the ceremony for the fallen had come and gone, celebrations for the victory of Cape City had begun. It was hard at first for Zane to get into the mood of the party, mostly because of how much struggle he knew was left ahead. But eventually, he managed to relax enough to eat and rest with the rest of the soldiers. Whatever thoughts he reserved for the Affiliates, he knew this was a good idea on their part. It provided a comforting atmosphere for the soldiers, as well as gave them a chance to rest, dance, and eat their troubles away. As the night moved on, the celebrations grew louder and less tense. Soon, many were forgetting they were fighting a war. They were living in the moment, enjoying them as if it were their last moments they had. The hours passed by, the sky grew dark, but the brightness of the party didn't diminish for a long time.

When it finally did, many of the Pokemon had either collapsed from exhaustion or began carrying themselves and others back to the city, to their tents. Many wore merry looks and laughed and yelled with each other. Zane also smiled as he walked back to the city to end his night of celebrations, strolling alongside Sword and Shield, Gallant, and Guardia (who may have had one too many Berry Alcoholic Juices). Other Gold Tribe members walked close enough by as well, along with dozens of jubilant Alpha Alliance soldiers and citizens. General Belas, who had also partaken in the celebrations loudly with his soldiers, caught up to Zane on his way back to the city.

"A fine celebration to a great victory, if I do say so myself," Belas exclaimed to the Gold Tribe members. Sword and Shield roared with delight while Guardia giggled with a slight hiccup. Zane smiled and nodded.

"It was a big step," He said, the group now close enough to the city to be reminded of the extensive damage caused to it. Belas, upon looking at the city once more, sighed.

"We've got a long road ahead of us still. We'll slowly start settling citizens back into their homes, and I'll prepare the soldiers for what lies ahead."

"How long do you think before we're ready?" Zane inquired, turning to the General.

"Well...I'd say everyone deserves a little rest before we move."

"They've earned it," Zane replied, nodding in agreement. Gallant also nodded to agree, while Sword and Shield and Guardia bickered about something behind them.

"We'll clear up our path, get a plan in motion, recuperate, and gather everyone we can. In a week, I'll have everyone ready to march. This I promise."

Zane eyed the General, who gave him a piercing, confident look. He nodded to the booming Belas. "We'll be ready then," He assured him, to which General Belas answered back with a large, booming laughter.

"Well, I should hope so! It wouldn't quite be the return of Gold City without the Gold Tribe!" He laughed, departing from the group and heading toward his tent. He moved an arm up and waved them off, before disappearing inside. Soon after, Zane and the others said their good-byes, and made off to their own, set up tents to sleep. As Zane reached his own tent, he fell onto his bed with a large sigh, his tiredness from the day catching up with him, and slowly, he closed his eyes to sleep, before a chilling voice seemed to pierce into his skull.

"I will see you soon, Vigil."

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