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Quote originally posted by XanderO:
But these aren't evolutions, they're just Form changes similar to Giratina and Shaymin's who have their stats lowered to raise others. I mean both even need specified items to assist, and Giratina's form change is the closest thing we have to Mega Evolutions so far. Since they are just form changes, they'd still fall under the same restrictions. I can't see them givin none permanent changes to both the Pokemon and the Pokemon's stats and not have a debuff to go along with it.
I feel if they were to be too debuffed it'll defeat the purpose of them being called Stronger forms of the Pokemon. They're suppose to be powerful according to advertisements, so if there's a debuff I don't see it being too significant as to still have them be more Powerful versions of pre existing Pokemon. Also keep in mind that GF is trying to pass them off as evolutions...semi while they don't fit our typical view of evolutions they are according to word of creator (GF in this case) technically evolutions.

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