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Update for Sinnoh Signature Move challenge: (before I play more after posting this)

  • Received Coal, Forest, and Cobble Badges (3/8)
  • 4 team members captured (Monferno, Staravia, Crobat, Lumineon)
  • So far no team member knows U-turn (yet)... I guess that means I'll need to farm the slots for a while (or get a lot of money then buy the coins).
Follow the whole details in this Google doc that will be updated as I play along.

Team (in detail):

Pokemon - Level XX - Gender - Nature - Move 1/Move 2/Move 3/Move 4

Monferno - Level 32 - Female - Naive - Flame Wheel/Rock Smash/Ember/Cut
Staravia - Level 33 - Male - Naive - Take Down/Fly/Double Team/Aerial Ace
Crobat - Level 31 - Male - Naive - Leech Life/Confuse Ray/Wing Attack/Bite
Lumineon - Level 31 - Male - Naive - Water Pulse/Attract/Rain Dance/Gust

Bingo Card: