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Team 6 - Team Fantastic/sWAgGALiCiOUS/S.M.A.R.D

Joint Post of Foxrally , Megaman765 , Mucus and Chuckleslucifer

The quartet left the shade of the tree and headed for the designated location of the tomb. They made light conversation and joked a bit along the way as they walked. Mallie remained rather silent, Snype kept trying to sneak up on her, Djinn kept hopping and flitting about - he seemed to possess boundless energy, and Ryan trodded along at a decent pace. Upon reaching the entrace of the dungeon, the 4 Pokemon played a game of Fire, Grass, Water to see who would lead the way and be considered the captain of the group.

Everyone knew picking a leader was important, especially when facing a dangerous mission. You never know what kind of traps could lie ahead, in such a dangerous exploration!
After a few minutes of draws and do-overs the leader was finally picked, and it was - - -!

Snype! He snickered at the results. After a long game, he eventually turned out to be the winner, leaving him as the leader. He was very satisfied with the result! Being leader meant he could tell everyone what to do! He would try his best to take this seriously, but there were so many opprotunities that would be difficult to pass up on!

"Well...Kehehe. Looks like I'll be in charge for a while! I'm sure nobody here has any objections? We did just meet after all..." He said with a smirk. He didn't let them speak though. He quickly interrupted them.

"Good! In that case, we should head off to the tomb right away! Finders keepers for any goodies!" Snype said, quickly leading everybody to the tomb. This would have been a great time to get to know his teammates... buttt there was treasure to find and all sorts of things to scavenge! The sooner they got there, the better. He didn't want the other teams to find all the good stuff first!

Ryan sighed as the Sableye smirked and led the other teammates to the opening of the tomb. He wasn't his favourite member of the group, but the Snover was sure he would do a good job.

Those Sableye would do anything for treasure, anyway...

As the 4 Pokemon approached the right entrance, they got a view of the rest of the timb. They had no idea what secrets the towering structure that stood before them held, or what treasure was hiding in its depths.

Snype led everyone in, and in a few moments, they could hear the metallic sound of a door closing behind them, blocking any escape.

"Hmph. Now we're trapped in" Mallie muttered, annoyed at the door. "There's no way that's-"

Her words cut off by a blinding flash of light. As their eyes got used to the brightness, the 4 Pokemon could now see the illuminated room they were in. It was made of pure metal, and reflected all the light. In front of them stood a huge metallic door; not the one that had closed on them, but another. It had a small control box on the side.

"Keh. I'd guess that control box opens the door. Anybody got a hand in tech? If not we could just tug on the wires and see what they all do!" Snype said.

Mallie grinned a toothy grin "Yeah, I've got an idea..." she chuckled as she approached the control box. She stood in front of it and cracked her fingers. *Brrkkaat* rung through the metallic room, as her bones ground together. "Okay, so if I just . . ." she rammed her head forward using Iron Head against the box. KACHOOOSSSHHH! Sparks flew everywhere as her head impacted. The door lurched, then flew open. "Yep, I thought that would work." She chuckled, happy with her approach.

A couple of loud sirens began to sound as the box was destroyed by the Iron Head. Sharp, screeching sirens. Guess that was one way to make use of tech... Snype held onto his ears tightly.

"Ack! Cripes, thats loud!" He sneered. Mallie threw her hands over her ears.

"Oh jeez... maybe I shouldn't have done that. . ." she mumbled. Either it was the door opening that caused it or the fact they broke some important electronic. Whatever the case, it was bound to alert any Wild Pokemon in the area.

"GRAAAAAAWWW~~~!" A monsterous voice echoed towards them. The ground vibrated as if something horribly large was approaching. They could hear rumbling and crashing as something hurdled towards them very, very quickly.

Suddenly a Steelix came bursting through a wall, crashing headlong into the group!

"Toys! New toys!" It howled, "I claim you all, you're all mine!"

Mallie was too busy trying to cover her ears to notice the Pokemon falling through the wall, and it landed on her, pinning her down. "GAAAHH!" She cried out, flailing her arms wildly trying to wiggle free, but to no avail could she get out of the steely monsters grips.

Snype quickly noticed that Mallie had gotten herself crushed by the steelix. She seemed to be hanging in there but was stuck! First things first, they had to get her out... he looked over the the Ruffet on their team. He... couldn't recall his name. He had trouble recalling alot of their names since they met and all.

"Hey! Uh... you.. up there! Distract that steelix! We gotta get her out of that Steelix!" Snype ordered.

Djinn replied "Sure thing, Boss" before he flew to the Steelix using a Rock Tomb to get it to target him as the prey. This was in favour of Djinn as the Steelix could not reach that high up in the large room they were all stuck in. Mallie saw this as a chance to run.

Snype took the distraction as an opprotunity to use Will-O-Wisp on the Steelix to hopefully weaken it a little. The burn would make it less rough with its attacks, but they still had to take this thing down. With less crushing hopefully. Snype ran over to Mallie to try and help pull her out of the Steelix.

"Comon! I'll get you out of there!" Snype said as he reached out to Mallie. He tried to think of what else they could do to help Mallie out... he quickly recalled his sparring session with her.

"...Ah! Mallie! Try using Fire Fang on the Steelix. That'll leave a dent in him!" Snype said.

As Djinn kept throwing rocks and pebbles in the eyes of the metallic behemoth, Ryan saw his chance.

Just need him to move a little...

The Steelix was too distracted by Djinn to notice the Mawile's blazing fangs chomping on him. It roared in pain and staggered away a few inches, allowing Snype some space to free Mallie. Seeing his chance, Ryan's hands turned icy blue, and the Snover jumped to the side, using Powder Snow on the ground to create a small rink of ice just behind the Steelix.

"Snype, push him in there!" he yelled to the Sableye.

Snype rasied a brow at the Snover. He had trouble recalling his name as well... darnit this was going to be rough if he hardly knew the names. He supposed it would come back to him. "P... push him? Ok, Let me just use my newfound superhuman strength to push him over! What are you crazy?" Snype joked, but still pretty serious. He didn't know how he would make this thing budge!

He saw he plan though. Get the Steelix on the ice and make it slip... with its weight though, that'd be tough in itself. Worth a shot though. Snype decided to try something a little crazy. Probobly not a part of the plan but he figured he'd go for it. Snype latched onto the Steelix and tried to climb onto him. The Steelix probobly wouldn't even notice the little flea on him. The pain from the burn would cover it up. Snype's best bet for hanging onto him would be to grab onto the spikes on the Steelix's sides. The Steelix quickly noticed this however and attempted to shake Snype off.

"Ack!" Snype yelped as he held on tightly. Maybe he'd wander over to the Ice... Snype planned to go for his head. He noticed there was something odd sticking from the back of the Steelix's head that quickly caught his interest. It was a priority if anything. Treasure! He would have let Dijnn know about the weird thing on its head and easily have him fly over to it and investigate but... Snype was feeling greedy.

"Keep him Steady!" Snype shouted, keeping it to himself.

Djinn nodded and used rock tomb trying to anchor the steelix's tail to the ground.

"Okay, I think that should keep him still for a while, why do you want him to stay still anyway?" Djinn yelled over all the commotion that was going on.

"For a clear shot of course! Wail on him!" Snype replied as he continued his climb. He was going to try and get on his head and really get him riled up. But first that thing on the back of his head... Snype reached for the next spike on the Steelix's body and got closer to the head.

Djinn continued to use Aerial Ace just in front of the beasts face and when it got to close used Whirlwind to keep it from breaking out of the pile of rocks at its tail.

The Steelix had now completely forgotten about Snype, and was focusing on removing the rocks from its tail. Seeing his chance, Ryan lurched forward, his arm now turning pale green, ready for a Wood Hammer.

"Djinn! Help me with this!" he yelled to the Rufflet.

"Sure thing!" Djinn replied using Aerial Ace along wiith Ryan's Wooden Hammer.

Ryan knew their combined attack would barely make a dent on the steelix's metallic armor, but it would be enough to push him into the ice rink behind him. Lukcily for the two, it worked, and as the confused Iron Snake Pokemon walked onto the ice, it slipped.

"Move out of the way!" Ryan shouted. "Snype, hold on!" The Steelix slipped around for few seconds, its weight now being its main disadvantage, before crashing down onto his face.

Snype held onto the Steelix as he finally slipped onto the ice and fell onto its face. Out cold for a little while... Snype chuckled a bit at the thought. Out cold... on ice... Snype was feeling like a comedic genius. Sarcasm aside, It was much easier to get onto the Steelix's head now. He quickly took the opprotunity to do so.

"Kehe, here we go..." Snype said as he made it onto the back of the Steelix head. Getting a closer look, it wasn't neccesarily anything shiny, but it did look out of the ordinary. It looked like a crown! Maybe this steelix had some weird sense in fashion... either way, this was Snype's now! Sweet, sweet loot! Maybe it'd sell for a pretty penny somewhere... it didn't exactly look valuble but some Pokemon needed it to evolve. That'd be his market. He didn't even think of the possibility that the Steelix might not have been taken out... he was too distracted.

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