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Quote originally posted by ★Hoenn★:

Super-Awesome sidequests that totally hypes all concerned. What's better? I mean, it gives the game more than just a "beat the gyms & elite four then boo-yeah" look.

Nuff said.
For those who like contests, the Hoenn ones are the best, but I believe GF felt the contests were sort of uninteresting to hardcore players and nerfed them already in Emerald - notice how they moved all to one city instead of being widespread and giving some utility to cities without gyms.

I think that, if they're going to implement contests again, there should be a bigger reward for winning them all. The way they were in RSE and DPPt, there was hardly any incentive to winning them.

Quote originally posted by BinaryPeaches:
Like many others, I would want the follow-me feature to be implemented. When I learned that it wasn't in B/W I was disappointed. The fact that it wasn't in B2/W2 was even more disappointing. Also auto running shoes. having to go back to always pressing 'B' again was a pain.
This isn't directed only at yourself, but why do people want this feature to come back? It was almost useless in HGSS and well, it wasn't implemented the way I think it should have. Before playing the game, I thought you could choose any Pokémon in your party to follow you, not just the lead. I didn't want my following Pokémon to change with my lead.

That, and Honchkrow's sprite wasn't a flying one, which I can't forgive GF for.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.
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