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Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer

"So, Alaric, do you take Lady Carolina de Appleton as your beloved fruit, to water and protect her, in summer and winter, spring and autumn, until a salesman separates you?"

"I do."

An excited crowd stands inside a church. Bright walls of a red color with orange patterns in the form of apples encompass the area. To the front of the crowd that is sitting, Alaric stands in an elegant tuxedo, and Lady Carolina de Appleton is sporting a beautiful white dress. Today is the happiest day of their lives. Today they become Alaric and Apple. Today will be the first day of the rest of their lives, today -

The thoughts of happiness from the crowd - Pokémon and Apple alike - are interrupted with haste by a loud sound in the horizon. Just like a very loud thump. Disconcerted, everyone looks around, as the noise around grows in volume and the ground begins to shake.

"Dearest Alaric, just what in the halidom of Appleloosa is going on?" Carolina asks in a manner of speech that could only mean that she spent many a night reading through Shakespeare's dictionary.

"M'lady, I fail to realize the cause of this ocurrence," Alaric replies with a similar inflection, holding his soon-to-be-wife with his arms as the ground shakes more and more, "But I promise I shall protect you with my life."

The flat ground around them shatters in many pieces, all of them falling to the side as a deep abysm forms around the couple. Many apples and electric-types fall prey of its dark domains as they continue to expand. Almost immediatly, the church's walls fall inside this bottomless hole, in several pieces that barely manage to not squash Alaric and Carolina.

"Make it stop deary, I'm scared!"

But it doesn't end there. The winds blows with the force of a hurricane, throwing both Alaric and his damsel away from each other. Alaric and Carolina exchange stares for a snitch of a second. A look on both faces that without any words, effectively asks 'what is going on?'

A tornado forms above them, but with the particular trait that it is inverted. The tip of it comes from high in the sky, and the circling winds grow wider as they reach for them. A purple light takes over the strong wind forces as they wrap around a falling Carolina. The heiress of Appleloosa calls upon her lover, but to no avail. Alaric keeps descending, unable to hear a thing. Carolina is dragged quickly by the tremendous forces that more than likely weren't nature's own. Carolina pleas for this happening to stop as she fades far above the sky.

Alaric keeps descending... Only whispering for a few second the name of his damsel before loosing conscience...

Carolina . . . . .

A groggy Alaric rises from his slumber in a groggy state. Eyes fighting against being open to no avail as the electric rodent wonders how he fell asleep, and where. There was Tobias and... something about eating dreams? But he didn't dream a single thing that night. It was all a black screen, right? And there was also Carolina, and...


"Carolina!" Alaric shrieks in sudden realization of the absence of his loved one. And not only that, but around him none of his belongings remain except for the Joy Seed Taido gave him. But not even his satchel remains! That Geodude must've made his way to it while he was asleep!

"Wait... What time is it?" Alaric turns around, the sun shining and gently caressing the town. A shadow of moderate size behind him makes him realize that it's morning by now.

And not any morning. It was the morning. Like, the one that comes after dusk and before the evening? Yup, that's the one. What? It's also the day of the tomb raid? Well, what a surprise!

"Please step aside, please, thank you!" A squeaky tune of cheerness cries about as the electric rodent makes his way to a bulletin board placed in town, swiftly walking around bystanders as he makes his way to the sacred board of awesome. All the while the mouse wonders who will be lucky enough to join him in a fantastic exploration adventure.

Will it be Taido?
Or maybe Señor Cow?
Ooooh, he's heard of a mighty Snorlax around town; maybe he'll be in his team?

Oh yes, he can almost taste that awesome team of his. That team that will - Oh. Oh no. Oh hell no. Oh hell friggin no. That Gengar, really? Just. Why? It's just... ugh. The frustrated rodent skims rapidly across two other names he is not familiar with, not like he cares, either.

Walking away from the board in utter disappointment, Alaric groans. This was supposed to be the exploration of a lifetime and it will be ruined by that Gengar! That dastardly ghost! That Gengar! If only the word "dastardly" could be spoken before his name. He bets it would be ironic and funny.

But let's waste no more time with those idle thoughts. There is a heiress lost in town and her kingdom needs her! With a rapid dash, the electric-type runs around town, beginning to examine the entire town in search for his love.

"Good grief, is that child still looking for that blasted apple?" Tobias groaned, watching Alaric prance and gallop around town as he himself surveyed the scene from a nearby tree - one that he happened to be phased into right now. "His obsession with those things is just... unusually odd. Why was I picked to work with this detestable rodent?"

However, Tobias was on a time schedule. As much as he'd love to float around and watch this dumb mouse search for his already-devoured apple, he needed to get a move on and get into that tomb before anyone else could find the treasure inside. He floated out of the tree, moving into the sunlight so Alaric could see him. "If you're looking for that wretched apple, you're far out of luck. Konzu has probably already digested it."

Alaric's mad dash for his lady-love was immediately halted when he heard the familiar, sinister voice speaking to him. However, the words that were spoke were not ones he wanted to hear. "C-Carolina's... g-gone?"

"Uh... yeah, I guess. Did you actually name it that?" Tobias was so... there wasn't even a word to describe how extremely confused he was. "Either way, 'she' is... well, no more. 'She's' probably digestive juices and amino acids by now. Not much of a chance 'she' is still alive. It's just an apple anyway, I'm sure you'll get more. They literally grow on trees."

Anger. Rushing across his body like a hungry man longing for Taco Bell's burritos in rush hour. If he was a glass of water, that comment of Tobias' would have broken it by itself. How in the world can there be such a mean Pokémon? Why would he just take away his apple even when he gave it to him in the very first place? And feeding it to Konzu?! Who the hell does this nucklehead mcspasatron think he is?!

"That was for my mother's birthday, you goof!" The little mouse jumps, infuriated. Once more it becomes a small sphere of light, which dashes all the way to Tobias' face. Turning back, Alaric generates another Electro Ball on the tip of his tail and launches it towards the poison-type's face.

"That is quite enough!" Tobias held out his hand, the ball of light shattering into bits from his Psychic, which then proceeded to grip around Alaric tightly and pull him to wear Tobias could mutter threateningly. "Listen here child, I have had more than enough of you and your stupid, disturbing obsession. When this exploration is over, I will gift to you an entire orchard of apples, but not until you stop acting like a newborn! If you continue to do this, I will not hesitate to shatter every part of your body into microscopic Plusle dust and go on this exploration by myself. Now, act like a normal Pokemon, and let's get moving before everyone else discovers this treasure. Understand?"

Rarely did Tobias ever get so cross with anyone - in fact, he actually hasn't needed to; his scary faces and creepy wordplay often does more than enough to get people to act as they should. But this one, this child, he was different. Tobias may not follow through on his words (c'mon, you wouldn't expect him to actually kill Alaric, would you?), but so help him Arceus if he was going to deal with this brat throughout the entire exploration.

Alaric landed with a soft thud after the whole scene. "Fine," it scoffed at Tobias, "But I don't want a myriad of apples, there's only one apple that has got my sight set". Alaric walks a few meters away before turning around, arms extended above his head as he takes a deep breath and then he proceeds in a much more formal, serious tone.

"Before time began, and before spirits and life even existed... A golden marvel descended upon to this chaotic land of ours. Blessed with power, wisdom and courage, an apple of taste and looks beyond someone's wildest dreams. Whomever possesed it would taste a million and one flavours, and would never even feel hunger as long as they kept consuming it. Land was cultivated as red earth was born, burying the apple beneath our sight. Wisdom was poured onto the land as people began to hunt for this apple of unique properties, All lifeforms known began to do their searches. Some found the apple yet most found dissapointment as their only prize. The apple was never in the hands of one same owner for long enough. Either their owner lost it or it was stolen from them. Both in some instances. Their labors completed, the hunters eventually forgot about the apple, and to this day it is rumored that it lays around, somewhere, waiting to be retrieved again... The resting place of this Golden Apple remains unknown. But with the recent dissapearal of mystery dungeons, and the appearal of this tomb, I'm guessing it is lying inside of it, waiting for us."

Arms back in place, Alaric walks towards Tobias, "I want to gift my mother an apple for her birthday. The best apple around. She likes apples as much as I do. It's kind of a family thing. I will behave correctly, but in exchange, I request that you aid me in finding a Golden Apple. I know they are ellusive, but if we suceed in finding it, I won't cross your road ever again. I won't even ask for whatever other treasures we find in there! It will all be yours. All of it, as long as you do help me find that apple. I'll make sure to be your beautiful assistant who only "ooh"s and "woow"s every now and then during our trip."

He pauses, and stares deeply at Tobias' crimson eyes, "Deal?"

Tobias restrained himself from sighing. If anything, at least the kid was ambitious. "Well, that does sound pretty cool. Besides, I wouldn't want you to go home to your mama empty handed. I don't have parents, so I wouldn't know what it's like to disappoint your mother, but I bet it's not pretty." He shook himself - ew, sentiment. "Deal. I'll help you locate the Golden Apple. If someone finds it before we do, I'll steal it from them. But remember, if you don't behave, the deal's off."

Tobias felt a very odd feeling inside of him at that moment - what in the world was it, though? It was bubbly, and not angry or overjoyus. No, it was something else. It was... trust. Was Tobias actually trusting this child? Wait, no, it wasn't trust. It was... pity. Oh grief, don't tell me I'm starting to feel bad about stealing this child's apple. The last thing a thief needs is remorse about stuff he's stolen. He shook his head, er, body, again and held out his hand. "Shake on it, if you can actually grab my hand."

"Yay!" The rodent squeaked in joy as it jumped and attempted to high-five Tobias, with his arm passing through Tobias'. Not stopping, the mouse continues to show of how excited he is. He suddenly stops and adds in complete calm: "I mean, 'oooh'!"

Tobias inhaled the scent of the musty, disgusting, water-dripping tomb. "Mmm. Smells just like home." He grinned devilishly, enjoying the darkness that awaited within the tomb. "Child, I hope you know just how amazing it is to explore tombs. There's so many surprises awaiting every corner, and there's no telling what delicious treasures we can find inside! Are you ready to do this?"

Alaric contemplated the sight of the tomb. Creepy, and old. Creepld. Olpy. And stuff. The towering fortress of stone stood tall and menacing. To the left of the polyandrum of mystery seems to be a passage. The hypnotizing sound of the water splashing inside it drew Alaric's curiosity like a flea towards rotten meat. He felt scared but also excited. Just like Tobias pointed out, there were chances of several exotic treasure lying in there, untouched and waiting to acquire new owners. Alaric snaps out of his thoughts, and with a hasteful nod towards the inquiring ghost, he slowly begins making his way towards the passage.

Tobias grinned as he watched Alaric go forward into the tomb. "What an adventure this shall be." He began to float towards the tomb, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. "In such a decrepid place, I shall thrive as the ghost I am. If you feel scared, child, you can stay close to me. Although I know now that you're more than eager enough to go forth on your own, I'm still somewhat responsible for whatever happens to you."
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