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((OOC: Dance the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha!!!!))

Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer Pt.2

There is a passage around to the left, your team goes that way. There are cracks up in the ceiling, several metres above your head - some light manages to creep in and illuminate the path, droplets of water follow them. An eerie splashing sound echoes towards you - you're tempted to leave, or return home... maybe there is someone out there who will switch places with you.

The light dims as the shadows make their presence obvious. A creaking tunnel with droplets of water falling ocasionally engulfs both adventurers. The splashing sound of their every step makes a vast echo around the narrow pass. Alaric eyes his surroundings ever so constantly, trying to focus on their surroundings should a trap be triggered or if a foe was to ambush them.

Tobias floated right behind Alaric, never letting the mouse leave his sight. Something... felt wrong about this place. There was an unusual feeling of dread inside him, probably spawning from the odd sound of splashing from behind them. Numerous times as they progressed, Tobias turned around with a Shadow Ball ready, only to find that they were both alone. "Alaric, do you... hear that? That splashing noise?"

Alaric gazed upon the ghost-type in confusion, "I hear splashing from us, if that's what you mean..." He began feeling unusually odd. They did make splashing noises wherever they went, but the sound of splashing water was too loud for just two Pokémon, especially since one of them was floating above the water. Turning around quickly, Alaric surveys the area. Nothing. They're alone... and yet it feels like there are more than two Pokémon around. Another odd feeling, perhaps they should leave? The tomb has been described as being far too dangerous, and whomever enters is never seen again. They should, just leave, switch places, He's not sure of what they should do, but being somewhere else should be better and safer than staying at this creaky tomb, and --

"Heh. Heh. Heh."

Tobias immediately reared back, pushing Alaric backwards as he fired a powerful Psychic blast down the hallway behind them, sending water splashing up in every direction and echoing down the hall until everything was silent as the blast diminished. "Whoever you are, reveal yourself immediately! I will not hesitate to destroy you at this very moment if you do emerge from where you are hiding!"


Alaric falls on his front making a slight splash. Quickly standing up, he expels the excess of water from his lungs, "What was all that about?"

"I heard... someone. They were laughing, and I heard them behind us." Tobias surveyed the hallway behind them once again, trying to see something, anything. But, it was all dark. Had I imagined that? There's nothing here right now, but there was... something. Tobias shook his head/body again. "I guess I either overreacted or scared them off. Perhaps it was just one of the teams trailing us. Lousy pigs."

Tobias turned back to Alaric, smiling genuinely. "Do not worry, Alaric. Although we are not on the best terms, I will sacrifice myself before I let anyone hurt you. We may not like each other, but as an elder to you, it's my responsibility to protect you. So please, move on ahead. I shall keep watch back here."

Once again, ew, sentiment. But hey, he wasn't too bad of a kid. And besides, they could be friends if they tried a bit. Tobias hasn't actually felt strongly about protecting anyone since, well, he was partnered with Maria. Of course, things change. That was then, this is now. Alaric was his partner right now and nothing was going to change that.

Towards the sudden emotion Tobias seemed to be expressing, Alaric couldn't help but smile. El señor creepy ghost was actually a being capable of feeling emotion. We are all very shocked by this stunning revelation. Certain purple dinosaur would be very proud at the sight of two opposites learning the meaning of friendship. Who knows, maybe they could both reflect light from their inner angles like a pair of diamonds somtime in the future?

"Yes, sire!" The electric mouse squeaks in excitement as he jumps to the front and begins to lead their two Pokémon squad farther upon the tunnel. The White Stripes of the Pokémon world soon encounter a turn of direction upon reaching a corner of the tunnel. And another, and another. And another. And then... another turn.

You get a turn, you get a turn. Everyone gets a freakin' turn! Thought the mouse as they kept turning from one side to the other in this passage that seemed to have no end. The splashing sound increased in annoyance with every step Alaric took.

Good grief, I never thought I could get tired from floating so much... Tobias thought bitterly as he kept himself on guard as the splashing sound continued. Whatever was trailing them, it was persistent, that was for certain. If Tobias finds that it's another team, coming for their treasure, hoho, it won't be pretty.

Eventually, the duo sees light at the end of the tunnel - and no, Tobias isn't passing on. "Alaric, there's the tunnel exit!" Grabbing the mouse's hand, he pulls him along until both of them are brought into the room. Above them, there are cracks in the ceiling of the cave, with water dripping down through them. "Hmm... we may be below a river system. Yes, I believe that's what this is. Should this cave give in, we may be flooded indefinetly. Not a good situation. I recommend we move onwards."

However, one small obstacle awaited them as they trekked through the growing water towards the exit; a frickin' door. But it was not an ordinary door, with a knob and a handle. No, it was, of course, a dungeon door. And what are dungeon doors? Frickin' hard to open up. This one, to add difficulty to irritation, had absolutely nothing on it. It was just a plain stone door, with seemingly no way to make it through.

"Well... that's swell."

Seeing the stone door in front of them, Alaric is quick to approach and investigate it. There isn't one of those knob-soor-dealy-thingies or anything like it attached to the door. It cannot be crushed with ease, and there's not a single way of walking over or around it without speeding up the flooding process of the door.

Just like a Cut tree. Gotta hate those things.

"So... what now?" Asked Alaric while he cheerfully swinged his arms up and down in an attempt to comically better their hopeless situation against the almighty stone door. Not bearing any resemblance to a certain internet meme, of course

Tobias, ignoring Alaric's odd meme-like arm waving, floated closer to the door, examining it intensively. He placed his hand on the door and attempted to phase through it - with no luck. "Blast. Whoever made this door anticipated Ghost-types trying to phase through. Whatever this thing is made of, it's impossible for me to pass through."

Tobias surveyed the rest of the room, floating to the high corners and the low creases, trying to find some hint as to how it was to be opened. "Who in the world could be so cruel to explorers? There better be a very voluptuos treasure awaiting us if we get through this."

It was then that Tobias found the answer to their problems. As he looked up in hopes of Arceus giving him a clue, he spotted something that had escaped his eyes during his searchings; a small opening, about 10 feet above the door, was cleverly hidden amongst the rocky clove. "Hmm, it seems that would be our exit right there." Tobias pointed to the hole so Alaric could see it. "Are you small enough to fit through there?"

Alaric eyed the small gap with intense curiosity as Tobias' question rose up, "I think I can. Back home I used to enter some gaps between the trees of the forest... Once I spent an entire day waiting for my Dad to find me. He..." Alaric walked around the room, examinating the gap from the splashing floor of the room while pondering his course of action, "He is not very good at playing hide and seek..."

"Ah... well then, perhaps he should hire a tutor." Tobias grabbed Alaric by his sides, slowly lifting him up from the floor towards the hole. "Now, if you can make it all the way through, attempt to find a lever or button or anything that looks like it would open the door. From the way the water is leaking from underneath it, it seems like it's going to be very filled. Be careful, and always come up for air when you need it. Okay?"

Tobias raised Alaric up to where the mouse could climb into the exit. "Be careful. I'm still responsible for you."

Alaric's arms made contact. His being slowly began to access the gap. A perfect fit thought the rodent as he slid smoothly inside of the opening. The virtually non-existant light in the room was nothing compared with the instant darkness that surrounded him once inside the opening. Soon enough, the yellow rodent faded from Tobias' sight as it ventured deeper into the opening.

Tobias felt more fear rising in him, but it was mostly for Alaric's safe. Blasted child, making me feel emotions in my dead age. So help me if anything happens to him, and I have to live with the guilt of knowing what I sent him into...

The splashing sounds of the room soon turned into silence as Alaric's seclusion within the gap increased. By sliding deeper in the gap, the Plusle begins to notice his directions slowly curving donwards. Now going downwards across the rest of the opening, he spots the glorious return of light, this time from the room lying to the other side of the door. Sweet niblets, there it is! The excited electric-type slides faster and faster as the light grows bigger. Suddenly, the route of the gap comes to an end as Alaric appears behind the door, at the other side of it, in a room that is just as horribly lit up as the previous one. Hopping outside of the gap, he makes a nice landing, accompanied by a loud splash. Examining the door from the other side, he notices that the wall of rock actually has a lever of sorts attached to it. Gotcha! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to loose control and I think I --


A thousand shivers run down the little being's spine. Slowly he turns his head around, even slower than those godawful door in zombie video-games. And once his body has joined his head's turnaround dance, he sees...


Silence returns to the are as he feels his heart pounding faster than a racing car. There was someone behind him just now! He even heard a laugh! And then there is nothing? Maybe he was just going mad... But didn't Tobias just... hear a laugh just now? Okay, calm down Alaric. It's all gonna be okay, it's --

"He he he.."

The rodent screams from the top of his lungs. Not with his usual voice tone. Not like a girl in a horro movie. But more like a screeching violin that is being horribly played, added to the previous two, at the very same time.

Tobias jumps back as he hears an ear-splitting violin scream that could only be Alaric's. Immediately, he begins pounding on the door as hard as he can. "Alaric! Alaric! Open the door, now! Do something! Attack, open the door, run, anything!"

Don't you do this, Arceus. Don't you take this kid away from me. Don't you do it!

Alaric launches himself in reflex to the closet object he can take a hold of. Eyes closed, mouth screaming no stop. The yellow mouse lands on the door's lever with all his might, pulling it down with the weight of his body. Run run run run run run ruuuuun! The previous is the only thing that passes averted by his brain. There is no time to remember the fact that diamonds don't shine. It's about damn time to run and never look back until he's out of the country.

The lever falls as low as it can as the almighty formation of rocks begins to move. The electric rodent hangs on the lever that now points downwards as the door begins to slide and connect to the previous room. At the sight of Tobias, Alaric jumps out of the now fully open door and throws himself at the Poison-type, still screaming, genuine tears running down his face as he places himself behind the purple ghost, always insisting towards Tobias to "kill that thing very dead".

Behind Alaric came a terrifying wave of water, which came out rushing with the force of fifteen waterfalls. Tobias held up both his hands, and blasted the water with another Psychic attack, completely averting the flow around both of them to where it wouldn't touch them. He grabbed Alaric by his ear and darted upwards as the barrier broke, keeping both of them from being washed away.

Tobias breathed heavily, still holding Alaric by his ear. "I suddenly remember why I quit exploring."

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