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Woo boy this thing.

Personally, I can see why Nintendo would want to design this and who this appeals to. It's tablet-like look is good for kids and the physical design address to the mindset of those young children. I'll admit, at first I was 'meh' on the shovel/slice of cake shape of the console, but it looks much smaller than I thought.

As far as the 3D is concerned, yeah I know the argument for the 3DS's 3D feature is that you can just turn it off through parental settings. What I don't get is how much vemon is being spewed about this thing. I'm sure those same have 3DS/3DS XLs of their own, so why does it really matter to them?

One thing I think everyone can agree on for the most part is the price. At what it costing PLUS being released on the same day as Pokemon X and Y...that's a pretty good deal.

On criticism I'll agree somewhat over is how informative will this sell to parents? That's something Nintendo had a tough time doing with the general public with the Wii U.
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