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Hiro the Lucario

Aura Sphere | Dark Pulse | Psychic | Extreme Speed

Hiro's Inventory
1. Oran Berry x2
2. Blast Seed x1
3. Kaizah's Seed Bomb x1

Hiro awoke with a groan on hard, rocky ground his memory a blur and the surprising taste of pecha berries in his mouth. Sitting up Hiro surveyed his surroundings, coming to realise he had slept in a random cave the previous night.
The last thing I remember is going to Ozzy's Friend Zone with that Kaizah guy... speaking of which! Hiro looked around in horror but soon relaxed upon noticing his bag nearby. He reached within and withdrew a strange-looking lump of orange plant matter examining it closely
I should be careful with this... I only have one, I'll be sure to only it if I really have to.

Not long after his awakening and examination of the Seed Bomb his new found friend had given him Hiro found himself walking back into Gold Town, which was evidently a surprising distance away from where he had slept. Hiro wandered into town, still hoping to get his hands on Tobias but now more concerned with finding out who his team members would be for the exploration of the mysterious cave system. Upon reaching the board he found himself in team one.
Team One
1. Hiro the Lucario
2. Melody the Leafeon
3. Konzu the Snorlax
4. Milran the Miltank
"Well now... I don't know who any of these guys are but we're bound to have an interesting team with this combination." Hiro proceeded to move back down towards the dojo where he hoped to run into a team member. Before he could reach the building however, he was distracted by a group of young Murkrow who were were balanced upon and pecking idly at a Miltank that was more or less passed out on the side of the street.
"Hey! What are you doing!" he growled at the young birds watching as they flew of in all directions in a start "clearly nothing you should have been then".

Hiro strode over to the sleeping miltank and began to prod it sharply with his foot in an attempt to wake it up.
"Hey, are you alright - wake up!"
Guess I wasn't the only one sleeping in strange locations last night... not long after that thought another soon hit him
"Wake up already!! Wait... Milran?!"

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