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Quote originally posted by mephisto2911:
Where must I use the sapphire?
Edit: After the Night Event with Team Rocket, I got a Key at the sailor's place and opened the door in the town, but there are only blackglasses, where must I continue?
It's useless in beta 1.5, you'll find out in beta 2. That's the end of the beta.
Quote originally posted by PokeReject:
I found a grammar error in the game (I'm very sorry I'm a Grammar Nazi >.<, I took a class that emphasized it). It's really early in the game. It occurs in Oak's lab before he comes to town.

Okay. This will be fixed.
Quote originally posted by Dylan:
I like your new tilesets ! What are some good tutorials ?
Credits, I am using a rom base by Alistar with some other added graphics from other tilesets.
Quote originally posted by pranoydstriker:
i cant find the download ...can u tell where it is
It's on the first page. The download link is highlighted. Checkpoint links are disabled for non-beta testers.
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