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Originally Posted by chaos_evoys View Post
@lucbui, I caught my mew at the battle when dialga, palkia, and giratina summons it.. I used premier ball to catch it.. Do you mean I can't catch it at that battle?

Also, will you add battle frontier or battle tower to this game? That will be nice a nice addition to this already great game
In the most recent beta, I had lowered the catch rate to 0, with the intention of making it uncatchable (Also the reason the Master Ball vanishes from your pocket during the battle). I guess it was a one-in-a-million chance that you managed to catch it with just a normal ball. Was the Mew normal or glowing, might I ask?

EDIT: Completely forgot where I was going. In Cianwood City, I've placed an Obedience Trainer, where you can select a Pokemon and he'll make it obey you. I did this as a remedy for Mew and Arceus, since they'll be disobedient when you get them anyway.

Also, The Battle Frontier/Tower won't be making an appearance. I've already used the maps for it, Not to mention the Pokemon are all mixed up from adding more, the OWs wouldn't match up to their battle sprites, and the trainer classes wouldn't match up to the battle sprites. Trainer Hill MIGHT make an appearance, but I can't guarantee it. I need all the maps I can get, since I can't create any in A-Map 1.95.

Originally Posted by KinKage View Post
Still watching this hack go along, don't rush it btw and what requirements are you missing for this to go to the hack showcase? o.o..
I don't know what requirements I need, I haven't gotten around to looking. I wanted to make sure my hack was awesome enough to be placed in that hallowed thread.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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