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White Knight's Trading & Breeding Post

I'll keep this simple. I'm trying to compete my PokeDex (and getting some sweet Pokemon, too) and you probably looked here searching for a Pokemon you might want. So let's help each other out, and good luck to us all!

1. Be respectful

2. No hacked or cloned Pokemon, or anything that might damage my DSi

3. Follow PC guidelines

4. I can trade or breed depending on the request, but sadly I can't get some Natures due to the limited Pokemon I have. I can only accept requests on name and Moveset (I have acquired most TMs)

5. I'm willing to EV train before I trade if the budget allows it, but be absolutely sure that's the EV spread you want. (don't know about IVs so I won't even touch that, sorry)

6. Regarding Rule #5, it might take longer than a simple Trade if you want me to EV train, too. This is obvious, but I felt the need to point it out.

7. Tradebacks are okay, just be sure to point it out.

8. I don't collect Shiny Pokemon and have only acquired what I found in the wild or storyline so don't expect to find Shinies here.

9. Since you can't name them once you receive them, feel free to request a name for your traded Pokemon (nothing vulgar). Names on my named Pokemon will be in parentheses.

Other than that, just don't do anything that might make the admins want to add a new rule. In a sense, rule #1 sums up the rules pretty nicely.

Offers - Ready to be traded:

Lv. 1 Oshawott
Gender: Male
Hasty Nature
Somewhat vain
-Swords Dance
Ability: Torrent

Lv 59 Swanna (Hyoga)
Gender: Male
Careful Nature
Likes to relax
-Rain Dance
Ability: Keen Eye
Item: Damp Rock

Lv. 1 Tepig
Gender: Female
Lax Nature
Often dozes off
-Flame Charge
Ability: Blaze

Lv. 1 Surskit (Cologne)
Gender: Female
Relaxed Nature
Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Swift Swim

Lv. 1 Golett
Hardy Nature
Somewhat stubborn
-Defense Curl
Ability: Iron FIst

Lv. 57 Jigglypuff
Gender: Female
Bashful Nature
A little quick tempered
-Wake-Up Slap
-Hyper Voice
Ability: Cute Charm

Lv. 14 Beautifly
Gender: Female
Quirky Nature
Alert to sounds
-String Shot
-Poison Sting
Ability: Swarm

Lv 57 Kingler
Impish Nature
Gender: Female
Highly persistent
-Swords Dance
Ability: Shell Armor

Lv 36 Bronzong
Impish Nature
Loves to eat
-Future Sight
-Metal Sound
-Gyro Ball
Ability: Heatproof

Lv 1 Eevee
Serious Nature
Somewhat stubborn
-Helping Hand
-Tail Whip
Ability: Run Away

Lv, 21 Ninjask
Gender: Male
Calm Nature
Very finicky
-Fury Cutter
-Bug Bite
-Double Team
Ability: Infiltrator

Lv. 1 Larvitar (x2)
Adamant Nature (both)
Impetuous and silly (male), Somewhat stubborn (female)
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge

Lv 1 Turtwig
Gender: Male
Quiet Nature
Proud of its power
Ability: Overgrow

Lv. 1 Chimchar (Pan)
Gender: Female
Relaxed Nature
Good perseverance
Ability: Blaze

Lv 1 Piplup
Gender: Male
Bashful Nature
Strongly defiant
Ability: Torrent

Lv 1 Abra
Gender: Female
Timid Nature
Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Inner Focus

Lv 14 Slakoth (Sid)
Gender: Male
Quiet Nature
Highly curious
-Slack Off
Ability: Truant

Feebas x2
Lv. 41 (male) and 67 (female)
Quirky Nature (male) and Bashful Nature (female)
Mischievous (male) and Highly curious (female)
Ability: Swift Swim (both)

Lv. 19 Sigilyph
Gender: Female
Hasty Nature
Often scatters things
Ability: Wonder Skin

Lv. 10 Magby
Gender: Male
Calm Nature
Capable of taking hits
Ability: Flame Body

Lv. 21 Gothita
Gender: Female
Rash Nature
Loves to eat
-Fake Tears
-Shadow Ball
Ability: Frisk

Lv. 1 Vullaby
Gender: Female
Careful Nature
Quick to flee
-Rain Dance
Ability: Overcoat

Lv. 1 Seedot
Gender: Male
Adamant Nature
Somewhat of a clown
-Take Down
Ability: Chlorophyll


I only need pre-evos, I can evolve them. I request legendaries too, but unless you can part with them, I can do tradebacks to get the Dex info.

Mankey, Porygon, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Unown, Phanpy, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Treecko, Zigzagoon, Makuhita, Meditite, Electrike, Castform, Snorunt, Bagon, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.

Those in bold are those that I would truly love to keep and would try to see if I have anything you might want for them. I doubt it but we can give it a shot. I'd also love a Cubone with a Thick Club.

Feel free to request anything not mentioned in my list of Wants. I can't guarantee you the right Nature, but I can get it if it's in my power.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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