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Penance 'Madman' Malum and Sentry:
A Lovely Conversation detailing a bit of Nothing

As night fell upon the party goers there were a few Affiliates who were staying behind to clean up the stalls as well as safely dispose of the now burnt out wodden colemn. Although the Alpha Alliance was now in control of the city there were a few Affiliates here and there who were perched on top of buildings acting as a sort of lookout for the city. With most of the psychics out of the city now Penance would have to meet with his scouts one on one to find out was was being discovered. As everyone went to their own tents Penance entered one of the crumbling buildings. "Lay it on me."

Out of nowhere a Kecleon appeared, "Penance, we have seen some Sentinels close to the city. A Sableye and a Jolteon have departed and are heading back to Silver City it seems. A scizor is still here, but he is chatting with a Golurk. The Golurk doesn't look that well, almost as if it is in a daze. It is the same Golurk we brought in with the Gold Tribe. We suspect he is suffereing from some trauma to the head perhaps, which could explain why he is shuffling around and it could mean he is suffering from shock from the recent battle. However, we overheard that the Scizor was stating he had been asleep and starting clanging his claws together in some sort of signal."

The Golduck nodded, "Hm... he was missing, yet Zane wasn't stating that anyone was missing. Interesting don't ya think? I want to go see him. I'll be off, you all know what to do."

The Golduck cracked his neck a bit and headed on out, whistling softly to himself. He kicked a rock out of the way as he passed an Abra, "Go wild. They didn't even bother to guess." He said as he passed by.

The psychic formed a small smile on his face as he disappeared back into the shadows. For now Penance made his way up to a building and let out a loud whistle. He jumped down just as a Pidgeot passed below and the two flew high up. "Hm... we can head that way. Stay up high mind you, don't want any broken necks now." As the two flew over the Golduck shouted down, "Hey down there Sentry! I see you have a new recruit! Waking him up I see eh!? Well, not to sound so sassy, but he is sort of a weakling from my viewpoint! I guess that's why the Sentinels keep failing eh!? Of course, that silver crystal is keeping you all cooped up eh!? Just mindlessly following Auron now, right? I mean, it's all you ever do right? Remember that chat we had back at the forest? I imagine you do!"

Sentry, never much the talkative type, simply gave the Golduck a cold stare as he looked up to view him. He turned back from the Golduck, and back to the Golurk. His interests weren't in him at the moment. "Fly away, Madman," He stated to the Pokemon above. "Today isn't your day to die. That comes later, in Gold City."

He chuckled as the bird flew around in a circle above him, "Oh? Aren't interested in what I found out from Scar hm? How after we pulled him away from the crystal's control and he can't remember a single little thing? How about that black cloud that floated in his mind and in Geneieve's mind? Hehe, but you have one too. I'll have to kill you though, I mean it's too late to try and pull you away you know. It's so like a... nightmare isn't it?" He grinned widely, "Let's say I've been consulting here and there. Scar's mind is sort of like that... like he had been in a dreamlike state. I wonder if killing Auron will pull that shadow out or you'll fall to the ground like the puppet you are?"

"Silver crystal..." Sentry said out loud, repeating Penance's words. He still looked upon the Golurk, before slowly shifting his eyes to the encircling Penance above. "...Black cloud...nightmare...Auron..." He methodically announced key words that Penance used. "As the rumors suggest, you have the information," Sentry shook his head. "But I wonder...would you like me to spoil to you how little you really know, or would you rather find out for yourself?" He inquired, staring right at the Golduck as he continued to encircled. "What, did you expect me not to know what you're talking about?" He asked rhetorically. "You have the pieces, but you have one crucial detail backwards. I am not the puppet here....Lord Auron is."


The night was cold so it was better to just stay in the tents and bundle up for warmth. Certainly the soldiers were doing that... but the Gold Tribe had been trained for such weather and how to survive in it. But had anyone taught them how to survive a crazy Abra? It seemed not as a Abra ported into Gallant's tent and sent out a surge of energy that knocked down multiple tents and threw the tent over Gallant far away. "Heyo! You ran out of time!" He shouted as he picked up Gallant with energy and threw him hard agianst a stone wall. He ported over and banged him against it again, "WHAT'S MY NAME!?" He screamed angrily.

"What the-" Gallant began as he was thrust about by the energy. Only moments ago, he was enjoying himself slowly be taken to sleep, but a second later, the crazy Abra teleported into his tent and went beserk. Gallant's first suspicion was an attack by the Silver Tribe, but not knowing any connections between an Abra and the Sentinels or Auron made him think it may have been something else. He quickly shot up and tried to handle the situation.

"What the hell is going on?!" He barked, to no one in particular, seeing the damage the little Abra had done. His injuries weren't fully healed from the battle, so his thursts to the wall especially hurt, even more so since they were done by a Psychic type. He positioned himself and flung his body at the small Abra with a Low Kick.

The Abra quickly ported away, appearing behind the Sawk and flew forward and slammed him against the ground. "YOU AREN'T EVEN TRYING!" He screamed, now tears starting to slowly flow out of his eyes, "DON'T YOU EVEN REMEMBER.... Gally?" He finished softly. He floated back and landed on the ground softly.

From the ground, Gallant grunted, prepared to try and make for another attack, but he was caught off guard by a name that he hadn't been called in a long time. "Gally..." He muttered, remembering the young Abra Gold Tribe recruit who used to call him that. He remembered he chewed him out for doing it too, but he had formed a pretty deep bond with that student, probably more so than most others. He was, after all, one of the youngest Gold Tribe recruits ever. They usually never accepted them at such an age to begin with. "You...Surge!" He exclaimed, realizing who was attacking. "How can this be? Where have you been all this time?"

The psychic got back up on his feet, and promptly turned around, crossing his arms angrily, "OH!? NOW you remember? You just...." He began to tear up a bit and whipped his tail angrily behind him. "You didn't even search for me! You just got new students! This and that! You like them do you!? I know you do! They're 'precious'." He shuddered at the word. "You never fixed me!"

Gallant shook his head, still in disbelief that this former student was before him. He hadn't seen him since before the war had started. "I haven't seen you since before the war, little one! I never forgot you, and you're wrong, we searched for you everywhere when you disappeared!" Despite him recognizing the Pokemon, Gallant remembered how volatile he could be, and decided to maintain his guard, in case he decided to explode on him. "After the accident...I searched, but I couldn't find you. I thought you had died. And so much happened after that! The couldn't expect me in my old age to remember that right away!"

"SO I'M NOT IMPORTANT!?" He snapped angrily as he turned around, his eyes now opened and glowing a sinister purple hue. "THEN HOW COME MADMAN FOUND ME FIRST HUH!? YOU NEVER TRIED HARD ENOUGH!" More tears streaked down his face, "I said you would come... I always did... but you never did! He was right! You just forget about me! You didn't even care! You just ran off and got new students! You care about them too huh? Enough so that you'll leave them!? Broken anyone else!? I bet you have!"

Damn, Gallant thought initially, realizing that the Abra was with the Madman now, and therefore an Affiliate. It meant bad news, as he didn't know what to predict now. Gallant took a step back from the Abra, still in a battle position in case anything were to happen. "Surge, listen to me! I thought you were dead, and like any of my students I care for you. I always have. That is what the Gold Tribe means, after all! I didn't forget about you, but I had to move on! I had to train others. We as warriors don't get chances to grieve!" He yelled, trying to calm the Abra down.

"YOU DIDN'T EVEN FIND ME! HE SAID YOU WOULDN'T!" The Abra scramed right back at him, seemingly ignoring what Gallant was saying. "YOU LIED TO ME! IT WAS ALL LIES!" The nearby rubble still from the battle began to shake as the Abra's namesake power showed itself. The surges of power he routinely got began to push out, grabbing any nearby pieces of rubble and slowly began to lift them up. "YOU JUST LIE AND LIE AND LIE! GOLDIES LIE ALL THE TIME!"

When the Abra said 'he', Gallant had a pretty good idea who he meant."He?! He is a no good, dirty treacherous, insa-" Gallant was cut off as the Abra began lifting up the rubble, he assumed to toss it in his direction. Gallant began to scurry towards the Abra, hoping to subdue him before he began throwing them. If this escalated, he would likely need the other Gold Tribe member's help to stop him. Although he preferred to solve this on his own. He owed the Abra that much. Trying to bypass any rubble or energy that surged out, Gallant charged forward, intending to subdue, not harm.

The Abra rose up, "WE WAITED OUT THERE AND YOU NEVER EVEN BOTHERED! NO ONE DID! JUST WALKED ON BY!" The Abra gripped his head and let out a scream as the rubble shot out in all directions, not necessary to hit into anything but more along so he could release the built up of power he had. He floated in mid-air, sobbing quietly. "B-But he fixed me... let me think again... had the voices stop... you didn't."

Gallant was momentarily forced back by the large degree of rocks coming at him. He lifted his arms to cover his face and front body, trying to reach the Abra. "Surge, if I had any idea where you were, I would have come for you!" He yelled, stepped cautiously forward, avoiding what he can. He saw from his side vision two other Gold Tribe members, Dryad and Speculum heading toward the commotion, but Gallant held his hand out to motion him back. He wanted to try to get through the to the Abra before they got involved. "Let me help you, Surge. Remember the good times you had as my student?"

Surge looked up and glared at the Sawk, "But you broke me. Don't you remember?" He looked away, "I was broken... and he fixed me... not all of me, but he did a good job! He showed me a lot too... showed me truth and that you don't have to kill... that you don't have to be trained for war.... that gold can be bad."

"He didn't fix you!" Gallant said, getting more and more irritated by what the Madman had been doing of late. He wanted to strangle the Golduck, but he didn't want that anger to show now. "He's just using you! He hates the Gold Tribe and so he's manipulating anyone he can for his vendetta!" He eased up his pace to the Abra as Surge looked at him. "We don't train Pokemon for war. We train them for peace! We train them so that when someone cries out for help, there's someone there to help!"

The Abra rubbed at an eye, "He fixed me... I couldn't even lift but he made sure I could. He took me in." He turned away, "You never even bothered to guess my name." The Abra levitated up and began to float away, "Goldy isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"Surge..." Gallant called to him, remembering the times that Penance would ask the Gold Tribe to guess at the Abra's name. "I thought it was one of Penance's stupid jokes. You have to understand..." He trailed off his voice, not sure how to add what he wanted to add. "Don't follow him. He's a madman, just like his name implies."

"Yeah... and I'm mad too Gally..." The Abra floated away a bit more before porting away.