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Quote originally posted by gogojjtech:
They will glitch since they're not in the same slot, so they will not correspond. Just switch them around for one map. Plus tileset 0 should be the first tileset on every map, because some tilesets just glitch up without it.
well what i'm trying to do is have it to where most maps that i only need a few tiles on i'll use 0 but if i have a map where i'll need more, i'll use like tileset 2 and 3 then for another I'd do 3 and 4.

so far the only problem with that was when i used the same number for different tilesets and trying to overlap them with new tiles. if i use different numbers, but I'm careful to not overlap older tilesets then it is fine. i noticed the glitches when i used the same tilesets and today i've had to recreate my maps several times because of it.

Quote originally posted by Negix:
Hello, I have a question.

How do I insert new tilesets, and do I need another program to so?

I saw a tutorial and the person did it through Block Editor, but I get an error when inserting them.
This is the error:

"Access violation at address 0046719C in module 'Advance Map.exe'. Read address 0000042C."

if you're inserting your own tileset, make sure it's the right size ( height x width ) which is different between FR/LG and R/S/E. if you don't have the correct palette also, your images might look like big square images filled with the transparent color. If this is a problem just open up Show Palette Editor under Palette in block editor and edit the colors to exactly the same 16 colors of your tileset. You usually have up to 12 palettes to work with so you can have all different color schemes for your tileset as long as you match the tileset to it's palette.

as for the access violation, it might be the version advancemap you're using. If you're using AdvanceMap 1.95, try switching to AdvanceMap 1.92. That or you might have accidentally broken something. Try restarting the program in this case. Sometimes there are things we do that can corrupt the file, which is why you should always have a backup file and just like a game, save often to your backup just in case you hit a wall.

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