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Here's my Corrupted SU.

Name: √4=aLl'V (Nicknamed Al or Live)
Age: Appears 14.
Gender: Supposedly male.

Appearance: Al is 7'9" with pure-white skin and no nose. Al has fire red eyes, along with crazy, green hair that's spiked out backwards. He has a dark green coat with a shadow Missingno. on the back. He wears pitch-black pants with grey markings all over.

Feral Personality: Al is a silent, unsocial glitch. He has never spoken a word in his life, even though he has the ability to. He prefers to stay hidden when in our world. The only way he communicates with his Pokémon is with a special body language he devoped with them. He will use his Walk Through Walls glitch at will to excape any trap. Al will always avoid making eye contact with someone. Most people describe him as a pessimist.

Tamed Personality: After being tamed, Al gained the courage to start speaking. He still occasionally dodges people, but it's normally either because he thinks that they would want to battle, or he's in a bad mood. He does have anger issues, and may command his Pokémon to attack random strangers when he gets mad.

Glitch Preference:
Walk Through Walls: Al can obtain the ability to walk through walls at will. However, there is a 95% chance that the wall will become permanently pixelated.
Fizzlewarp: Al will often randomly fizzle out and reappear in a completely diffrent location.

Anything Else? I got nothing.


Name: 3z¥ :T:
Species: Glitched Dragonite
Gender: Male
Personality: 3z¥ :T: has no idea he is glitched, and that it's glitched moves such as Volt Tackle and V-create are normal no matter how many times Al tries to explain. He loves to battle and, if it could happen, it would be all he did.
Attacks: Volt Tackle, V-create, Blaze Kick, Fly
Level: 216

Name: [email protected]$hE
Species: Shadow Blaziken
Gender: Male
Personality [email protected]|¡$hE has trouble remembering his own name, and refuses to battle unless Al's team is at a disadvantage. This is because he is timid.
Attacks: Blaze Kick, Flame Wheel, Shadow Circlepunch, Shadow Agility
Level: 255


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