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Originally Posted by Bash23 View Post
Hi, Thanks for the Update. But I have some several Questions..

- How can I backup my Previous Save file???

- How do I check if my Pokemon is Happy or Not Because I have Munchlax and he won't evolve. He is in level 25 already. Please Help.

- Where can I find a Chansey?

- How do I evolve a Feebas?

- The Ice Cave is laggy too.
1. Copy the file "Game.rxdata" at game folder. This is the save file.

2. There's a woman in the Pokémon Center starting at rank 6.

3. At Pokémon Shop with a high rank (costs $100000) or you can find a Happiny at beach (very rare).

4. Make it hold a Prism Scarf and use a Link Stone.

5. Thanks for the report!
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