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Originally Posted by Kifli View Post
Hi guys, I have a minor problem with this hack. (Otherwise, it's pretty awesome, and sometimes really hard)
But Suicine said in his hints and tips section there is a trainer who we can rematch, and will use blisseys. My only problem is, that I am at the 5th gym, and she still won't rematch, and I really could use some training.
Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Because I am pretty sure this is not how it should be.

I was able to rematch her, but she only used her chansey and murkrow, also, in the town next to route 117, there is a heartscale respawning everytime I reload the game.
Any advices what shall I do?
Okay so maybe I was right that they do start to rematch you after 4th gym

Not sure about the respawning heartscale though :\
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