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Plains of Valkaria

"Hehehehe...." the Gengar cackled, his laughter trailing through the stream of grass and extending far through the countryside. "Yeah....I heard of the two of you! That's why I came to find you!" He rubbed his hands together, his mind already trailing to what was to come. "You two earned your reputations before you joined us, so we knew what we were getting before we recruited you! Hehehehehe...." He had a sack which he carried on his back, though the string seemed to blend with the colors of his body, so it was only when he turned it around to face them that it even became noticeable. He reached inside the bag, before picking out a few Pecha Berries and a handful of Sitrus Berries. He tossed the set of berries to the two, enough so that they would be able to recuperate and keep up. "There we are, enough to get you up! Hehehehehe...."

The Gengar maliciously grinned as he cross his arms and watched the two eat. "But you two aren't newbies anymore, you know! I mean, it's so sad!" He said, though his grin didn't disappear off his face when he said it. "All us Sentinels going six feet under! First it was the big guy Beserker. But then Noxious had to follow! Ignitus was blown up, Frosty got killed. Deluge got brain-fried. Inferno also blew up, and Scar and Genevieve are as good as dead too! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! DEAD!" He yelled into the night sky, shameless grinning as he did so. "And why do you think they're winning. We have the numbers, so what do they have? Hehehehehe!"

He started pacing, waving his hands around madly as he walked. "They have the Gold Tribe! And they have planning! We Sentinels are strong, but strength won't do it anymore! We need to plan! Sentry isn't around, so we're all that left. But...we're different from the rest, aren't we? Hehehehehehe....." He laughed. "HAHAHAHAHA!"

" about it? Wanna graduate from the new guys to full-fledged Sentinels? Come with me, and we'll plan it out...and finish off the Gold Tribe and their little army for good! Hehehehe!"


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