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Feels good to be back.


Quincies were in the shadows the whole time. I can dig it.

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post

Oh boy, we Kyoraku/Ukitake super speshul type Zan now. I wonder if that means anything about those guys.

So shadows are a Quincy thing. Kyoraku's power involves shadows and he dual wields. Ichigo is part Quincy and he dual wields. Ukitake's ability of absorbing and releasing reishi attacks could be easily mad out to be of Quincy origin. That would leave Hisagi, well I'm not sure about him yet.

Also that Ichigo face on the front page, I wonder if that means we have "five ambulances" Ichigo now and not the one that has been in an emo coma for the last 6 years.