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Originally Posted by audinowho View Post
Hey BCKC, is that banner in your sig free-use? I want to show my support too!

I thought this project was dead due to the site going down the the creator hitting college. So happy to see it back.
Yes, of course
There are also banners made by DarkDoom on the OP, I believe.

EDIT: Because of the lack of replies, absolute boredom, and because I love you guys...
(Did I miss anything?)

Latest Version: Beta 0.724

[ Introduction | Story | Features | Progress | Media | Download | Credits ]

Offical Website | Offical Blog

Super Pokémon Eevee Edition (SPEE)
Hey, it's Raonak (DarkDoom3000). You may remember
me - I made Pokémon Illusion back in the day.

Super Pokémon Eevee Edition was made using RPG Maker 2003 (RM2k3).
I'm trying to do things a little differently. For starters, the game mainly
uses Generation 2 assets. Yep, none of this DPPt or RSE stuff. Secondly,
it doesn't use a traditional Pokémon battle system. It's actually more like
a traditional RPG: You carry up to four Pokémon, which are out at the same
time. The battle also flows in real time. Every Pokémon has a time bar, and
once it fills, it can perform an action. The battle system is similar to the
one in Final Fantasy 4 through Final Fantasy 9.

Later in the game, you'll able to carry another 3 Pokémon, bringing the
total Pokémon with you to seven (but only four can battle at a time).

Also, Pokémon can't be caught normally; you have to find and defeat
superpowered versions of the Pokémon (corrupted Pokémon) to catch
them. Not all Pokémon are available - there are 201 from Gen I-III.

Legendaries cannot be caught, but if you manage to befriend one, you can
summon them to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Yep, the game has summons.

This game does not stick to a normal Pokémon storyline. The game knows
it's a game. You must defeat the Hypervisors, the ones who control the
game but want to destroy and replace it with a new generation.

Finally, the namesake of the game. You start off with an Eevee.
Eevee will ALWAYS stay in your party (so Eevee + 3 other Pokémon).
To make up for this, Eevee has the uncanny ability to shift forms.
Entering a cave? Shift into a Vaporeon. Going to surf the high seas?
Shift into a Jolteon. All of Eevee's forms (yes, even Glaceon and Leafeon)
are in the game, and although you can only transform into a few at first,
your options increase as the game progresses.

Essentially it's a Final Fantasy - Pokémon mash-up game.

You gotta wonder, do even the official Pokémon games
have more than 3 paragraphs worth of story?

Years ago, The Creator created a world... A world filled with wonderful
creatures. The Creator created Hypervisors to oversee the world for
him. The world of Pokémon was governed by five sub-Hypervisors and
one master Hypervisor. Systems, Death, Environments, and Battle were
all under their control. With the world being managed by the Hypervisors,
The Creator made a "4th Wall". A wall that contains the game. A wall
that was built so no extra code can go in the game... or leak out.

The Creator then left the game. He let the Hypervisors take over the world.


You are a normal 16-year-old kid who lives in a normal town. The local
Professor would rather work on important research than give out free
Pokémon, so you go to the old man living in the woods. He turns out to
actually be the previous professor, Oak. He gives you an Eevee, but it
is no usual Eevee. The Eevee Oak entrusts you with has a unique DNA
structure which allows it to change into any of its evolved forms at will.

You've got an awesome form-changing Eevee and your first
gym badge; life couldn't be better in the pixelated world...

But, while wandering through a forest, you get teleported to a strange place.

An entity called "M" speaks to you. M is actually one of the Hypervisors
who oversees the world. "M" explains that a new generation is coming.
The Pokémon count is increasing and the graphics are getting an overhaul.
However, this time, the master Hypervisor wants all existing code to be
destroyed. The world as you know it will be deleted and replaced with a new one.

"M" tasks you and your Eevee have to go on the suicidal quest of
killing the gods of the world, the 5 Hypervisors that run everything.

In one month, the world will be obliterated.
In one month, Judgment Day will begin.
In one month, you will have to be the savior.

(SPEE won Spotlight of the Month, thanks all who voted :D)

Basically Pokémon shoved into an traditional RPG frame.

-Retro Graphics: A blast from the past. Gold/Silver/Crystal style graphics.
-Super Eevee: A code modified Eevee which can switch forms at will.
-Limit-break System: Pull off extremely powerful attacks when HP is low.
-4 Pokémon per party: Not the usual six man party in traditional Pokémon.
-Reserve team: Later in the game, you'll be able to carry three more Pokémon.
-All Pokémon out in battle: All four active Pokémon fight the enemy team.
-Summoning System: Summon powerful legendary Pokémon to wreak havoc.
-Up to eight enemy Pokémon in a single battle. Be afraid, very afraid...
-No Pokéballs: Optional boss fights or side-quests are required to obtain Pokémon.
-Active Battle System: A la Final Fantasy (well, most of them before X).
-Infinite Move-list: Pokémon are no longer limited to four attacks at a time.
-Shared PP: All moves use up PP from one giant PP pool (essentially just MP).
-Direct Machines (DMs): Pokémon can use DMs in battle to do a one-time attack.
-Rainbow Tower: A 'golden saucer' like amusement park. Includes Mini-games,
quizzes, tournaments, Safari Zone and a specialty shop.
-ManMan Mini-game: A strange game through which items can be obtained.
-Sidequests: Get TMs, equipment, and other useful items by doing tasks for people.
-201 Pokémon catchable from the first three generations (and a few from Gen 4).
-356 Pokémon to be battled and scanned with the Pokédex. Gotta scan 'em all!
-Refining System: Change useless items into powerful ones (like Final Fantasy 8).
-Equipment: Equip certain items on Pokémon in order to to modify their stats.
-Trophies/Acheivements: Get notifications for completing tasks (like the PS360).
-Active Evolution: Enemy Pokémon can evolve mid-battle, making things more intense.
-Travel to the Code World: A dimension of graphical errors and home to the Hypervisors.
-Graphic Modes: The ability to switch the game's graphics: day/night/Gen I/Gen III!
-New Game+: Restart your quest while retaining your items, Pokémon, and more.
-Shiny Form: If you manage to scan (with a Pokédex) a wild shiny Pokémon, you
can change one of your starter Pokémon into its shiny version!

All the latest posts are posted in this thread and also in the Official Blog

During v0.7, I have been rebalancing a lot of stuff, so progress has regressed.
This new beta ends right before the 4th gym. There are various
additions and improvements since v0.7a, the most notable being
-New intro sequence, foreshadowing later events of the game.
-Re-redone dialogue for major story events.
-3.5 chapters long / 3 gyms
-PP "Recharge" mechanic
-Updated Pokemon Center (now Free and new UI)
-Updated Crafting System UI
-Night mode and Gen3 Pokemon return
-Updated Team Switcher and Nav Unit
-Item QuickSelect Menu (hold Shift)
-Balance Band item
-and much, much more

because words just aren't enough.

Screenshots (outdated)

Videos (outdated)

Super Pokémon Eevee Edition Beta 0.724

DOWNLOAD | 72 mb

[Update Post]

Raonak (ripping/scripting/mapping/storyline)
Nintendo (for IP)
Gamefreak (for making Pokémon games)
Enterbrain (for making RPGmaker)
Hawk (?) (for making IDraw)
The Spriters Resorce (for ripping sprites)
Sony (Trophy jingle)
Kojima Productions (Sound effects)
SquareEnix (FF8 Music)
Beta Testers here

I support
Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
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