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Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
I found this a while back. What the "AOT" does is make it so graphics will update while the game window is not selected, so the game cannot be paused by simply switching to another window. The advantages of this are obvious: RPG Maker XP plays music even if the window is not selected, which can make Cutscenes or other things awful. This will make it so they will be in sync no matter what.

Thing is you will have to compile the aot.exe yourself since the download links are dead.
Well, I saw your suggestion and I just created a post with something identical to "AOT". I find it in a brazilian forum.
I also wanted to say that Aot doesn't include Win32API compatibilty, so it isn't compatible with Essentials, while the one I posted is.
Its very useful because the maps and other things can be loaded without the need of having selected the game window, and it also "fixes" that cutscenes problem you said.
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