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Name: Nadia Ulrica Navarette
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Element: Light
Theme Song: Bad Apple!!! Music Box Version

Appearance: Picture over there :3
I might actually type a nice description if I ever get around it... and also if I'm accepted xD

Personality: It should first be noted that, when dealing with Nadia, one is dealing with a a very courteous person. Her lexicon is certainly not the most extensive one you'll hear spoken, but her matters are high and well-defined in spite of her farmer heritage. Farmers aren't a bunch of rascals who can only pronounce five different words, y'know?

More than frequently she'll be willing to take risks. Although most of the time it's for fun, or she just had no time to consider it fully. This does, in fact, involve that she's very impulsive and doesn't really wait on people for long. It also conveys that she acts in the moment, and dedicates few to no time to consider her actions.

Her bravery is both a mix of high-curiosity and moderate ambition. More than once she'll deeply examine her surroundings and will also be in a constant lookout for treasure and pretty much whatever can make her life better and easier, no matter how hard and/or expensive it turns out to be.

Most of the time she is calm and collected, and is rarely seen to loose her tempo with anyone. This goes to say that she's quite the patient folk and can stand a lot of crap from others. Be careful though, once her glass is full of your bullcrap, you will regret ever being mean to her in your entire life.

Usually nurturing, and also a fan of young people and kids -especially if they look cute-. If you're young and beautiful then you might want to stay away from her, otherwise you will receive a kjillion hugs and smooches on your cheek until the very day you die.
She is usually honest with her comments, but tries to keep them from becoming mean and/or sarcastic. You can trust on her pretty much anything, but if she notices you're doing something that can be considered to be wrong, then she'll mercilessly tab you with her knife of traitor over and over again until you start bleeding distrust. However, if she can see the good in you, then you have made a very good friend, and a very loyal at honest friendship.

She hates making physical contact with people she doesn't know from heart. So, please, don't be a stranger that hugs here, or else you'll pay a very hard prize for it. And even if she's not the #1 of Harlem Globe-Throting Hugs, she can be very sappy and cheesy if she puts her mind on it. Yup, pink hearts and princesses and prince charming and some other stuff of the like could spring up out of the blue if she ever gets infatuated. She never really reaches a flirty stage, tho. That is definitely a no-go for her.

She is usually sympathetic of others, but she's not altruist nor is she fond of helping random strangers out. She, hover, can be easily talked into doing stuff. And one trait that should be rescued from her persona as a whole is her pessimistic nature. She can literally see how crappy anything can be and how life is unfair and whatnot.

Her curious nature is swiftly complimented by her ver analytic behavior when it comes to looking around for stuff. And her sense of logic is also very strong. In spite of this, she is not really the talking-kind of girl, so if you talk to her, then either she makes a very short reply, runs away, or both. And finally, when she's not bursting with rage, she is quite calm in the emotional department.

Hometown: Whitedell Village, Salos.

History: Whitedell is far from being special. It is just a nice town with few houses vastly separate one another. There are nice people and farmers around, and it is just your regular small town to live.

Nadia was born to a couple of farmers, and as such, from a very young age, she interacted with several small animals, feeding them, and being derpy with them from time to time. By age 8, this little girl was already an adept in the arts of farm-care. She was always eager to accompany her mother and father to sell their milk around town. Whitedell being fairly small, there were but a few merchants, and a such, everyone knew who it was that would sell them tasty milk for a small price. Yup, Jonia and Derrick Navarette. Their cows will produce the best milk you will ever have.

Along came a wave of crime to the town. Cows were stolen, people were mugged. It was unsafe to go out at night, and it was even more dangerous to exit town due to the exceeding amounts of people robbing after the war struck the country. The Navarette couldn't stay at home for long, tho, they needed the money for their milk...

And so, one day, as they ran their errands. Jonia, Nadia and Derrick ran into an older man wielding a knife, who threatened them to hand over the milk they would deliver. Derrick refused, and in exchange the burglar's knife was buried deep within his chest, and as it just so happens it hit the right spot to immediately kill Derrick Navarette on the spot. Scared, the burglar made his escapade as he left a shattered now-single-mother and her child crying over the death of the man of the family.

Soon after, Nadia had to rise and step up up to the spot of (wo)man of the family, assuming a full time job at the family farm, and also deciding to do some training with a sword that she made of simple wood should another burglar arise. And they did, first she was mugged and barely managed to escape, but she eventually learned to defend herself and prevent any further loss of money. It was hard, but someone had to do it. And they needed the money even more once Jonia Navarette went very ill and desperately needed medicine.

At 21, just a year ago, her mother also passed away, of the disease she had that couldn't allow her to leave bed. And since Nadia was now adept at using a sword of... considerable size she managed to buy (at a very high prize), she decided to let go of the farm, sell the animals and meals that it produced one last time, and with the money from it, she began to make his way towards a town near the Galvaez prison. Not because of the prison, but because if was the closest town to Whitedell Village.

Weapon: Sole de Lunæ. That's the pretty name her sword goes by. Crafted with precious metals (or imitations of them, at least), this weapon of questionable value, being the sword that it is, is pointy and very deadly. It can barely be wielded by this girl without just... killing everyone around. But it does get the job done... sometimes. Should she ever become strong enough, then her light magic could strengthen her blade, but it's not like it's gonna happen, yes?

  • Bestow de Health. A slight layer of light envelops her left arm, and she becomes capable of releasing light waves from the palm of her hand. Said waves can heal one's wounds. They, however, take longer and longer the more serious the injury. A minor bruise can be healed in 5 minutes or less. More serious injuries take much longer, and it is not ensure that one might heal fast enough and not die, so... yeah...
  • Barrera de Lumiera A thick veil of light envelops ers figure as a white surge of light forms around him. This shield is somewhat resistant, always according to how experienced he is this spell. The more experience, the harder it'll be to break thru the shield, but since he hasn't practiced this one well enough, his shields are very weak and easy to break.
  • Lumine Figurae. Stretching both her arms high in the air, then facing to wherever she want to hit. Several small figures of light from around the palm of her hands and are shot at decent speed towards their target. The size, damage and speed of these shapes all depend on how experienced the user is.
RP Sample: This and this. They were originally intended to be a 4000+ word post, and that's why I count them as only one.

Other: None that I can think of~

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