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Originally Posted by CreativeVision View Post
The other side to this is that even though I didn't plan to write it like this, it flows, it fits, perfectly even. The nuance of earlier lines can be seen later on.
In short, I have no idea where Im going with that, but it feels right; the direction it takes, almost by itself.

Have you guys encountered this in your own writing? What are your thoughts on this?
Story of my life. I never plan ahead - or if I do, I only do so in order to later disagree with myself. I make pretty much everything I write up as I go along, and, usually without any effort on my part, the themes and plotlines fall into place. There's even foreshadowing, sometimes - how, I have no idea, since it pretty much by definition requires forethought - but it's there.

No story I've posted online has ever had anything of a plan to it, except for a few instances where I thought It'd be cool if something like this happened when the characters got to that place. I'm told my writing flows well and fits together, but what happens next is as much a surprise for me as to anyone else. Maybe by the time I'm three quarters of the way through I'll have worked out the main points of the climax, but I still won't know how to get there. If I drop cryptic hints in the course of a story, well, they're as opaque to me as to anyone else.

I suppose some people don't work like that, but I'm not sure how it would work. For me, writing is a game - a fun expenditure of time and effort, but not one that precludes intellectual engagement. I guess that approach to constructing a story goes some way towards explaining why it is that any plans I make for a story always collapse.

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