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Quote originally posted by bigmac909:
OK, that's much more straightforward, thank you!

However, I'm in PGE and all of the moves are already under the correct category. Why's that?

Lastly, I just want to confirm: I can then patch this rom with a hack, right?

Well the first patch applies the split. The second defines the moves into their categories, so it should get working right away. I forgot, to fix something do this:

Quote originally posted by Jambo51:
I think I've found the code which causes the Mirror Coat/Counter bug in Fire Red.
Change it to this, and it should hopefully fix it.
0801F6C2: 86 7A
0801F908: 00 2E
0801F90A: 41 D1
And yes, you can apply it to a hacked ROM. As long as you didn't already tamper with the move tables.