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Oh, I don't mind the Bidoof and the Zhubat.

What I had a problem with was actually not too long ago:
I, being the rebel that I am, was playing a Red Version of Pokemon I had recently bought off of eBay at ten o' clock at night under my covers. I always loved taking a quick peek at the different Pokemon in the PC Boxes to see if they're worth transferring and keeping later on.

The game started up and I was inside of some cave. I don't know which, but anyways, I was trying to find my way out since there were no escape ropes in the bag. Fumbling along, I ran across a wild Pokemon.

And I kid you not, as soon as that thing popped out, lightning flashed and thunder rolled and I jumped out of my skin:


I managed to get out of the cave, but not before running into a million Golbat.

Spriting's come a long way, my good friends. A VERY long way.

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