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If you're 6 you probably don't have your own money yet, so your parents probably have some rules in place about playing it outside or taking it wherever you want. I bought my 3DS with my own money, I'm 16, and my mom still won't let me use it myself.

Then again, I was raised by "responsible" parents, so idk about everyone.
Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
The benefits of the clamshell design are largely negated by the weakness of the hinges. All it takes is one drop in a public location (specifically, anything with concrete sidewalks, concrete flooring, or concrete foundation directly beneath the tiles/carpet) to completely destroy the hinges. And if a screen is going to get cracked or otherwise damaged from a fall with enough force, the clamshell design will do little to stop that.
Then again, that raises the question of why one would ever even consider going outside.
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