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Hanso SharpEye


There was some more arguing, about how best to approach Gold City and the torturehouse. Hanso doubted Vera would have offered to help if she hadn't already intended to come along in the first place, punishment or not. Personally, he wasn't sure what to think about her punishment, but Hanso would set that aside for the time-being.

Hazone pondered this, placing a paw thoughtfully on his chin. He met eyes with Blitzkrieg, and gave him a slight smile. "That might actually work. We'd have to scout out the area some more as we prepare to see how much they are defending it, but the plan is feasible!"

"Well, now that we have a viable plan in motion, any other news to share?" Belas asked.

Was this the time to speak up? The Thieves had asked for help, but who knew how many Pokemon present would accept it as well? Hanso glanced at Zane and Penance as Accatosh spoke again. Zane would likely appreciate the additional help, as would the Generals. Penance...Penance would probably make some additional plans upon hearing about the Thieves. They all needed to hear it, though.

"I do have something to share," Hanso replied, once Accatosh had finished. "I was approached by the residents of the Thieves' Forest. The Silver Tribe hit them hard around the time of Albia's battle, and the Thieves want to strike back. They can't do it alone, though. One thing they can help with is scouting, and anything else they'd need to do."