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Quote originally posted by HibariChan:
Hello !

I'm happy there's finally some news on this game ! I still really like it !

But, I have a little problem. I'm at Magnus City, just won the fight against Wedge and Biggs, and when Silver come, noting happen ... The music still playing but nothing else :/
Thanks! for the glitch it's an annoying one, but it can be avoided by taking a precaution before fighting biggs/wedge, which is to head back in the sewers after fighting the last team rocket grunt then head back out.

Quote originally posted by audinowho:
Hey BCKC, is that banner in your sig free-use? I want to show my support too!

I thought this project was dead due to the site going down the the creator hitting college. So happy to see it back.
It is nice working on the game again, progress pretty much flatlined in uni. but hopefully now there wont be too much downtime.

Quote originally posted by BCKC:
Yes, of course
There are also banners made by DarkDoom on the OP, I believe.

EDIT: Because of the lack of replies, absolute boredom, and because I love you guys...
(Did I miss anything?)
Looks goddamn fantastic. :D could you PM me the code and i'll update the OP.
Manman is still in the game btw. though rainbow tower is getting the axe
[NEW]Beta 0.74 is out
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