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Xiu Lim
Central Station

Why is Fire Lord Zuko wearing his royal armor instead of his royal robes for this statue?

This was one of the various questions that came to mind as Xiu stared at the statue of the former Fire Lord. Putting the bag of fire flakes to the side, she reached into her purse and pulled out a small notepad which she had just about filled with questions to ask the Avatars when she was finally able to contact them. Of course, she doubted Avatar Aang would know the answer to this question, but it didn’t hurt to ask. This was the case for many of her questions in the notepad as well as on the other notepads she had already exhausted the space in. Once she had finished writing, Xiu put the notepad away and returned to her fire flakes.

At this point she could barely feel her tongue anymore due to the spiciness of the snack and her face was even starting to turn red, but she continued eating them anyway (although she took a break whenever she felt her face reddening to return it to its light color). She came up with several reasons for doing this, the most important of them being that she was hungry and poor right now, but others included the fact that she was getting desperate about her firebending inability and was at this point doing whatever she could that might help her, and the idea that they had to be an acquired taste or something considering the fact that there were people eating this by the bowlful. It would be to her benefit to find something she could eat cheaply, regularly, and enjoyably whenever she was in the city.

Xiu continued this pattern of eat, rest, eat, rest, until she noticed a pair of girls coming near her. Once a person got within a certain distance from her, Xiu went on high alert. Of course, she didn’t show it in the slightest because that would alert the other person and defeat the purpose. This wasn’t out of any sort of paranoia, though. She had the airbender sentry watching over her in case any strangers tried something dangerous. She just plain didn’t want to miss her chance to learn about them, that’s all. You can’t properly observe someone from too far away. Immediately she focused her hearing on the girls’ words while continuing to watch the statue and to eat the flakes, albeit at a slower pace. Interestingly enough, their primary topic of conversation seemed to be her, or rather her dress. Or rather, her on one end of the conversation, her dress on the other. Eventually they revealed their names, Angelique and Julienne. She started forming ideas in her head about what sort of people they were.

It didn’t take long for their conversation to escalate into an argument. It was nothing serious, just a small disagreement between friends, but they went about it loudly enough that it would easily draw attention. That meant it would no longer be suspicious for her to look in their direction. Xiu turned her head, widening her eyes in false surprise at the scene before her. She didn’t say anything yet, though, instead taking the time she had before her watching became weird to get a good look at them. Angelique was dressed in all black with black highlights, this most likely being her “weird outfit that most people have enough common sense not to wear”. It was indeed different from the norm, and Xiu was slowly starting to piece together the type of person this Angelique was.

Eccentric. That was the most prominent word that came to mind. She made an effort to be different from the people around her through clothing and habits and she embraced this. She probably liked to believe that she didn’t care what others thought, but her argument with Julienne proved that that’s a lie. While all people naturally and subconsciously create different personas for interacting with different people, Angelique’s mask is deliberate. There is probably a deep-seated fear of losing her assumedly few friends behind a confident exterior that she doesn’t want to show them, not to its full extent at least. Blonde hair and green eyes indicate a mixed heritage and while not too muscular, her build still has defined athletic characteristics. Either an acrobat or a swift martial artist. Maybe even a pro-bender, although she wasn’t familiar enough with the sport to confirm or deny that.

Julienne, on the other hand, was much more ordinary. She probably enjoyed shopping, hanging out with her friends, or a variety of other typical girl activities. There honestly wasn’t much in this girl that Xiu hadn’t seen before, but that was exactly what made her interesting. She wanted to find out just how these opposites became friends.

Of course, she could also be completely wrong about all of that, but that was the beauty of conjecture!

Just as Xiu was turning away, her “time before the watching drew any attention from those being watched” probably running out, she noticed another person enter her “observatory radius”. This time it was a tall, muscular boy with a posture that expressed laziness who just sat right next to her without so much as a word. Scattered metal and armor pieces on his outfit as well as obviously weighted bags on his belt with a metal-tipped drawstring were all things that screamed “metalbender”. The scars covering his face as well as the physique implied involvement dangerous activities that required strength, such as smithing, construction, or brawling, but the armor made the latter the more likely option. However, his expression at seeing the arguing girls and his words expressing a desire to see the sunset supported the idea that he wasn’t a thug or criminal, simply a brawler. Or maybe he was the sort of guy who just made a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wasn’t quite sure whether or not he frequently talked to himself or he did that on purpose to draw the attention of the trio of girls around him, though.

Xiu figured that she had guessed all she could for now and decided to intervene so that the could maintain a positive impression with Angelique and Julienne in case they met in the future. Gently putting down her bag of fire flakes, she stood up and walked over to the arguing girls. “Excuse me,” she said, raising her voice enough to be heard over their argument. To cancel out any negative implication that she was asserting any authority over them, she bowed. Before she lifted her head, she said, “I couldn’t help but overhear your argument. I’m sorry for causing you both so much trouble.” She then rose and turned to Julienne. “I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to buy this dress.” She gave a soft smile as she continued. “I made this one myself. Sewing is one of my hobbies. If you want, I can make you one, though. I would love to try making clothes for someone else!” Slowly, she was perking up as she spoke so that when she turned to address Angelique she was smiling widely. “I love your outfit, though, especially the highlights! It’s all very different from what you usually see and I think it’s a great expression of yourself! I-” She stopped abruptly. “Oh, where are my manners! I’m Ling Xiao, nice to meet you both. I’m probably bothering you two, so I’ll go back over there. It was nice talking to you both, though.” After one final bow, Xiu walked back over to her spot next to metalbender guy and sat down, picking up her little bag of fire flakes and commenting to the girls, “They’re a guilty pleasure,” before she turned away and continued eating.

There was no actual meaning in the fake name Xiu wore around the city. Its only purpose was to keep those who knew that Xiu Lim was the Avatar from knowing that she was the Avatar. Things were nice and peaceful, and she preferred to keep them that way. If the city knew it was her, then the press would hound her at every moment, not to mention the sort of fallout she’d have to deal with involving the kids from the training camp, as there were undoubtedly some of them living in the city. For all she knew, all three of the teens here were from the training camp, but since she didn’t pay too much attention as a five year old (since she was too busy crying about how much she hated it there) she wouldn’t be able to recognize them now. She could only recognize Kalden because she had seen him around at the air temple.

Regardless, now Xiu had made an impression on the girls. Whether it was a good one or a bad one remained to be seen, but no matter what it would help teach her more about them. She didn’t need the information for anything actually, she just liked learning. There was still the issue of the boy she was sitting next to, but he had probably seen it all happen so she had probably made an impression on him too. So now all that remained was seeing how it all unfolded.
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