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Kalden | Republic City dock area

“Get back here, you cretin!”

“Sorry, no time! Just send me the bill!” Kalden shouted over his shoulder at the fire nation snacks-vendor, who was currently shouting bloody murder because of the couple of bags of fireflakes and a few skewered, spicy meat-sticks that had been toppled over as Kalden lept over the small stall. He didn’t have time to stop and apologize, nor did he have the money on him to pay for that much food at once.

He continued speeding down the street, the people he passed sending him weird stares after having stumbled out of the way, out of fear of being hit by this oddly-dressed boy darting down the pavement.
“Come on, I don’t wanna be late…! I need to take a shortcut!” he muttered to himself as he noticed an alleyway off to the left slightly ahead of him. He lept into the air and, without stopping to turn, he kicked his leg out to the right, sending a blast of air off to the side, which sent him down the alleyway. In the air, he turned around to face down the narrow alley and landed on his feet again, continuing his momentum as he dashed past garbage pails, drainpipes and the like.

It was a good thing he spent a lot of his free time exploring the city. It had given him a really good idea of the shortcuts, narrow passages and secrets the city held, majorly in the southern part of the city, around the docks, though he had found himself wandering off to the other parts of the city as well. The alley ended back out into the streets, but without stopping, he dashed across the walkway and into the street itself, using a gust of air to help him leap up and push a foot onto the roof of a moving satomobile, the cars in the street all starting to honk at him. Without spending even a moment on the car, he lept off again, doing this two more times to cross the road, and continue down the slightly wider alleyway there.

He grinned to himself, quite enjoying the looks on the peoples’ faces as he had jumped over the traffic, thought the pressure of being late made him continue to speed down the alley, passing a beggar on the way, who was probably the least surprised person he had passed this evening. He noticed two kids kicking a ball back and forth, and as they turned to look at the boy rushing towards them, he decided to give them a little show. He jumped into the air again, landing with both his feet planted on the ball that had come to a stop between them as they gaped up at this strange boy.

Kalden then spread his arms out to the sides, twisting his torso before spinning himself around, causing him and the ball to lift into the air, a visible current moving around the ball, before he lept off and continued down the alley, the kids laughing and clapping behind him as the ball slowly hovered down towards the ground while spinning around itself. Hearing the laughter and clapping made him smile and almost miss the fact that he erupted into what looked like a small parking lot for satomobiles behind a restaurant.

“… Oh! Perfect! I might just make it!” He made a turn and ran into the parking lot, hidden away between the two, tall buildings on either side, running right up to the back entrance of the restaurant he worked at and proceeded to leap onto a garbage pail, then the roof of a car, and then launched himself with the help of his bending, onto a balcony slightly higher up. He took a deep breath, bending his knees before taking another leap, and then another, finally landing on the top of the four-story building, taking deep breaths as he walked over to the western edge of the building.

Standing there on the rooftop, there was a small tent-like structure erected, though it was more of a small pavilion, with a roof and only two ‘walls’. One opening was towards the middle of the roof and the other faced out across the docks and the sea. Within this little tent was a small, comfortable chair, a little table, and a basket containing two packages.

Kalden took a deep breath and stepped over, slumping into the chair, raising his feet and resting them on the edge of the building, moving his arms behind his head with a content smile as he looked out across the docks, where people and satomobiles were skittering around, to the rippling ocean, with the statue of Avatar Aang standing proudly, and Airtemple Island slightly off to the side. His gaze then fell onto the sun, which was slowly descending towards the horizon, painting the sky in a soft, orangey-pink glow, and was starting to gently touch the border of the sea.

“… Made it.”

Titans Reborn!

a superhero roleplay
art by Churaka
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