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Vera Fayos

Vera looked to Hazone as the meeting came to a close. "I will fight." Vera then looked to Belas who had been adamant for her punishment. "If you have any further doubts, let them be absolved."

"Now, Hanso! Give it here!" At the call, the Gallade threw an object to Vera, which she swiped skillfully from the air. She brought it up, and adhered it to the string which carried her pouch by applying heat. When her hand was removed, a gold pendant was revealed bearing a pair of flaming wings coming from a shield which bore the initials "GT."

"I am with you until the end, as a representative of my dead family. I will take their place in the Gold Tribe until we take back Gold City. Then, you can do whatever you want with me." The Blaziken then turned away to prepare for battle.
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