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Jirmonji "The Swift" Slynt

The next few days went like a blur, but were filled with events. The Swift would've enjoyed it, but his head had already been swimming with thoughts...There had been an ambush by Sentry. That had hold of Jirmonji's mind at the moment. Why would a Sentinel attack the bulk of the Alpha Alliance? The possibilities were endless. Jirmonji wasn't sure of a lot of things: He didn't know what would happen. He didn't know what his purpose was. He didn't know what everyone was planning, sure they had told him, but he never had control of his thoughts at the time. But there was one thing he DID know. That he would die taking Silver City.

As the Alpha Alliance army got ready to move on the final day, a great speech resounded throughout the plains. "The first army has already begun its path over the lake. They will have crossed at the same time we reach the torturehouse! Soliders, remember what it took to get here! We pushed under the wall of Eternity City and took back the Grand Citadel together! We rushed through Shine City and took back Gravel! We took down the watchtowers and liberated Albia! We fought our way under the Thousand Tunnels and reconquered Cape City!"

The Swift was cheering along with the rest of the army, a grand smile on his face.

"Pokemon of Valkaria! Only one more city remains! Let's take back our home!"

He let out the loudest cheer he could manage with the last statement. He grinned and began to go around to the troops, talking to them, telling them that it would be alright: That they would win. And they all agreed. "We are the Gold Tribe, and we will stand by the Alpha Alliance to the very end!" He grinned and ran around the entire army. By the time he was done, he had talked to most of the footmen. The Swift had one final thought before battle. This is truly a cause worth dying for.